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After the excitement of Christmas day was over, Granny and Grandad arrived which meant that for a change I wasn’t the one being kicked in the face in bed – and so I managed to get up a little earlier than the boys and set up our new New Year’s tradition – the New Year Breakfast.

I decorated the table in black and white, and set little Pop figures of Zero out for them.  Why Nightmare Before Christmas you ask? Whilst we were planning for our trip to Disney World with the two [and third unknowingly growing already at that time] boys, they insisted on hearing the “What’s This?” song in the car over, and over, and over – so much so I think we all know the words as well as our times tables.
This year I bought our family a crepe maker for our joint present – last year it was a popcorn maker – and so it was Jack Skellington themed pancakes.  To keep them all busy whilst me and the mister were crepe-making in the kitchen, everyone had to decorate a white bauble in the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas.  
It was simple to set up, and the expression on Jensen’s face when he saw the table from the staircase was priceless.  A new tradition is born!

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