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Christmas Eve Boxes SleighsOur Christmas Eve Boxes have been a long-standing tradition in our family, adopted from an American friend of mine and encouraged by a lovely Swiss lady I used to work with, whose family always opened one of their presents on Christmas Eve and shared them as a family.  I love that it’s like a little pre-Christmas fun and I also love that this gives me a little time when I can have a cup of tea without having to entertain the most excited three little boys I’ve ever met.

Usually we give Christmas buckets or Christmas baskets, but this year we have the most beautiful little sleighs – and much like their Easter Baskets which I bought a couple of years ago to be their “forever” baskets, these sleighs will be forever sleighs – although I might invest in the bigger ones for next year.Disney Christmas Eve Boxes Sleighs

In our baskets this year are the items below – and driving the sleigh this year are Limited Edition Mickey and Minnie Christmas Itty Bitty toys from Hallmark, along with some reindeer socks which you can’t see. Haha.  There’s a Kaleidoscope which I picked up for them from the Christmas Gift Magic event when I had breakfast with Mickey and Minnie Mouse this year, and Moana fidget spinners too!  There are candy canes, Christmas socks and Cadbury Snow Bites, as well as the perfect present for getting boys into the bath on Christmas Eve – see those bath bombs below?  They’re no ordinary bath bombs.Christmas Eve Boxes SleighsEvery year, when there’s a special occasion like back to school or birthdays, easter or hallowe’en, the boys love having a bath with a bomb from Lush.  This year we’ve been gifted some amazing bombs from Coco Bubble – these bath bombs have little soaps inside too!  I can’t wait to see their faces after they’ve dissolved the bombs and are left with the little surprises to clean themselves with!  There are also two little snowman and gingerbread bath puppets for them to play with too.

Christmas Eve Boxes Sleighs

Everyone is different – our Christmas Eve Boxes are delivered by Elves and left on the doorstep – watch out for them on our Insta-Stories on Christmas Eve!

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