What Are You Wearing?

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It’s that time of year again when the Hallowe’en loving Jones Family realise that we have again let time run away with us, we have no costumes for Hallowe’en, and the big day is just over a week away.  In that time we need to fit in a visit to the pumpkin patch in the week, carve them, organise costumes in time for our Hallowe’en fun.

Every year it’s the same. I panic and over think, then buy a few things on eBay, Gav procrastinates and then dedicates two solid days to his perfect home made costume, and we go back and forth over Jensen’s costume the entire time.

This year I was sure would be different; of course it isn’t though.  I’m waiting on my few things from eBay, Gav is ready to make his costume from the contents of his wardrobe, we’re competely confused on Jensen’s costume….but Lyoto, well, Baby Dragon is sorted, and has his sailing across the pond thanks to a very amazing friend.  One out of four isn’t bad, I figure.

So this weekend we are determined to be a few days ahead of our usual schedule, but in the meantime and whist I’m sat here at the crack of dawn thanks to a small toothy Baby Dragon (we have a bottom incisor poking through!) not wanting to sleep this morning, here’s what we wore 2010 and 2011…

Gav was a werewolf, I was a lady Frankenstein’s monster (although you can’t see my bolts, they are on my neck) and Our Little Adventurer was a vampire bat.

Last year, I was a pumpkin (with Lyoto having audio but no visual experience of Hallowe’en), Gav was a zombie (Gav loves zombies) and Jensen was a colourful tarantula.

Yes, it’s fair to say we like to dress up.  My thing appears to be the wig and tutu combination.  It may be because I always wanted to be a ballet dancer and have long curly hair, or it may be that I like the fact I can get a tutu for £4 on eBay. Either way, a bit of netting and fake hair and you can colour me Hallowe’en happy.

Only 11 days to go; whooooooo are YOUUUUUU going to be this year?

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