Countdown to Disney… 24 Days

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The passports have arrived!  After an extremely intimidating appointment at HM Passport Office this week for a Fast Track Appointment, a cheery courier arrived on our doorstep with three envelopes containing shiny new burgandy passports for myself (yes, this is because five years into my marriage I still haven’t changed my name on anything except my bank account) Our Little Adventurer and Baby Dragon.
 Of all of our photos, Jensen is hands down the best looking.  Mine is, well, a harrassed version of myself, and that’s putting it kindly…and Lyoto is giving the photographer “the eye”.  Jensen looks scared out of his wits but normal.  I hope the people at Homeland Security are kind to us.

This weekend we’re taking Excalibur for his “sniffing out visit” to meet his holiday carers, and then it’s time to start making decisions on the last details of our trip.  With Excalibur resting his head on my knee whilst I type, I’m naturally worried about how he will be whilst we’re away.  He’d never been without his brother for more than a night before we had to say goodnight to him tragically last week, and so being without us as well as without Casanova…I’m just so worried he’ll feel abandoned.  We’ve chosen the best home for him to go to and so I hope I’ll feel better after our visit.

Jensen is enjoying taking a link from the countdown chain every day now…although we’ve had to pin it up high due to Baby Dragon destroying most of it gleefully when it was first displayed.

24 days to go….


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