Royal Birthday Plans…

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The invites are done!  Well, our Little Adventurer’s is in any case!  Thanks to the wonders of, we have a colourful, guppy covered invitation fighting its way through the current of the Royal Mail on its way back from Snapfish.

After much to-ing and fro-ing over Gavin’s whole “their birthdays are only 6 weeks after Christmas and we have enough toys to fill a small country already” issue and also my “I don’t know why people don’t want to party in the forest in February” issue when it comes to the boys’ future birthday celebrations, we finally reached a decision.  Quite an English one really.

Our solution to both of these is that as the boys’ birthdays are so close together (Valentines and the day after) we will have two birthday celebrations, just like Her Majesty the Queen.  One in a hall with a bouncy castle in February, and one in August somewhere outside, somewhere leafy, somewhere that we can (hopefully) BBQ.  Their birthday present will be something for the outdoors, and given in August too, but they’ll also get a small gift from us to open on their actual birthdays.

Although this is Lyoto’s precious first birthday, we’ll be incorporating his cake and dessert table into the Bubble Guppies party (thanks to his very kind and super talented Aunty Ginny of Persistent Peril fame) and also celebrating him turning one at home on his birthday, AND the day following the party too. Can you tell we like parties?  My Baby Dragon will be one. Wow.

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  1. my eldest birthday is Tomorrow.. he turns 11!! not quite sure how that happened the years pass so fast, I always seem to not do much party wise for him because of the straght after Christmas and cold weather. It sounds like your 2 party idea one in summer with main presents will work out really well.

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