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We were sent a selection of crafting materials and the PJ Masks SuperMoon Fortress Set which are included in this post.

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Jens and Yotie were out at the FA Cup Semi Finals today and so Hero and I decided to get busy and make a little surprise for them to start the Easter holidays with.

They’re all huge fans of PJ Masks, especially because there always seems to be something new coming out for them to play with and add to their adventures – and this time it was the PJ Masks SuperMoon Fortress which arrived to add to their collection!

When I was little, my mom used to make me playmats out of bits around the house because playsets like these didn’t exist – she would find bits around the house and create a little land for our characters to play in [usually Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and get-Along-Gang, who remembers them?!] and my little sister and I loved them. So today I decided Hero and I would do the same. The lovely people at PJ Masks HQ sent us a few bits and we added in some kitchen foil and sparkles to create a Moon playmat. Here’s what we had:

…and here’s how it turned out. I was going to do a step by step but it’s really obvious, and that would have been SO boring. So all we did, as you can see, is…

  1. Black Card as the base
  2. Scrunch up some tin foil as craters/ponds and stick them to the base with double sided tape
  3. Add some decorative aquarium stones to the craters/ponds
  4. Cut some styrofoam balls in half, paint and glitter them, place them on the mat [you can stick or not]
  5. Paint and glitter some little boxes from the pantry to use as hideouts and hide behinds
  6. Pop glow in the dark stickers all over the base to make it busier

And that’s it! It’s lots of fun and Hero was so proud of himself, if you saw us on Stories yesterday making it!

PJ Masks Supermoon Fortress playset

Here’s an overhead of it – and you can see Owlette and Luna fighting in the Fortress.

PJ Masks Supermoon Fortress playset
PJ Masks Supermoon Fortress playset
PJ Masks Supermoon Fortress playset

The PJ Masks Supermoon Fortress is a lot of fun – although it took Hero and I a little bit of Googling to figure out how it worked. Have a look at the photo above. There’s a trap on the bottom layer which needs to be opened manually until it clicks – then two PJ Masks can battle in the arms like Luna and Owlette. When one loses, they fall through and you can press a little button underneath where they land on the front on the playset to open the trap door, and they fall through to trigger the trap to snap together. There’s a little shooter with a missile which is on the right hand side, and a secret pop through entrance at the top which is triggered by the PJ Masks sliding up the side of the Fortress on the little sliding rock on the left hand side. You can’t close the door again until the rock is slid away from the top again. Sounds complicated but it’s not – we just didn’t see the little button when we first opened it.

This is the first PJ Masks playset which doesn’t make noises or light up and so that was the only disappointment – the rocks on the top look as though they should light up and we spent time trying to find out whether they did or not and if they did, how – because there aren’t any instructions in the box this time. So that’s why we’re explaining how it works so you can avoid Googling and watching other people play with the toy before you can play with yours! The set comes with Cat Boy [we really wish it had come with one of the newer bad guys] and it’s a lot of fun, very sturdy and small enough to store in the Kallax bins which hold the boys’ toys. We LOVE it.

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