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I suppose it’s only fair – or karma, if you believe in it – that as I remember so vividly destroying my parents’ neatly made bed in order to create a fantastic mattress slide, my own boys are determined I will never sleep on an uncrumpled sheet ever again.

This weekend as I tried in vain to take photographs in the worst lighting ever thanks to the miserable February clouds hanging about all morning, the boys decided they would take the pretty pillowcases we were sent from the lovely people at ChattyPillow [you might remember our Chatty Feet] that I had laid out to take photographs of, and give each other a good walloping with them.

Lyoto was Taylor Sleep and Jensen was Johnny Slept – or Captain Jack as he constantly corrected me.  They’re bright and cheerful – and so soft that the boys quickly claimed them for their own bed, despite having no idea who the “pretty lady” was on Lyoto’s.

Oddly enough, Lyoto had no idea how to initiate a pillow fight and took a bit of coaching by me [I need my head read, clearly] before he was swinging like he was trying for a home run, and causing poor Jensen to fly about the bed in fits of giggles.

Still, at least it made for more interesting photos!

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