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So sadly we haven’t managed to see the film yet – but the screening was taking place just as we were leaving our own press screening of Dumbo with Disney and the boys were very curious to see what it was all about. When we arrived home there was a parcel for them and if you saw our Instagram stories, you’ll have seen how excited they were. It was mayhem.

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Wonder Park was released in cinemas on 8th April and tells the story of a fantastic amusement park bought to life by the vivid imagination of a little girl called June, and run by a group of wild animals! There’s Boomer, a big blue bear who acts as a greeter to the park; Gus and Cooper, who are beaver brothers; Greta, a wild boar and Steve, a porcupine who is in love with her, and a monkey called Peanuts who is the leader with the ability to create rides by listening to June’s mother’s voice. It sounds so amazing, we can’t wait to see it!

In our box was a huge plush Wonder Chimp, some little blind boxes and poseable figures.

wonder park toys wonder chimp

Hero fell in love with Wonder Chimp immediately. If you don’t know what Wonder Chimps are, the Wonder Chimps are the official souvenir of Wonderland in the film! Hero was over the moon that even before he had seen the film, he could have his own big, soft and huggable Wonder Chimps that smell like cotton candy just like in the movie!

The Wonder Chimp is SO soft, glittery and silky, with bunny ears and the sweetest smell of cotton candy [candy floss to you and me here in England]. He has become bed time snuggle favourite now.

The little blind box Wonder Park toys were very unusual and lots of fun because they come in little fairground carts and the characters can be found in the front of the little car bonnets. We got a few the same so we got a couple more to show you, haha. They’re little chimps and very cute – and there are 30 to collect in series one that’s been released! You can also link the carts if you’re very careful and do it slowly on a very flat surface and you can pull them along, but be careful because the little connecting parts that slots through isn’t quite big enough to keep them connected if going slightly fast or over a bump.

We had so much fun with the toys – Wonder Chimp is a huge favourite here and we can’t wait to see the movie!

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