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My Friend Bing Bunny Mattel Fisher Price CBeebies

Round the corner, not far away….I don’t think there has ever been a CBeebies series I’ve loved so much as Bing.

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Acamar Films’ Bing Bunny and his eternally patient carer, Flop took over my morning coffee time with Baby Hero months ago and we were both hooked.  I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on with the teeny, toy like guardians and the oversized animal toddlers, but I love it – and I pray daily for Flop’s patience – or as I say, I need to channel my “inner Flop”.

Merchandise is always slow to catch up with the release of television series for children, and so I we’d been waiting impatiently for toy news when Fisher Price asked us to review one of their Bing toys, but we had no idea which one!

When the Bing Box arrived it was opened quicker than I could photograph and there were squeals of excitement as I let the boys take him out and remove the little plastic demo tag.  My Friend Bing was here to play!  Deciding whose friend he was going to be was difficult, but as Baby Hero gets so few toys to review, and his little arms were outstretched towards the toddling bunny, the boys decided that Hero needed Bing Bunny cuddles more than they did.

So What Does My Friend Bing Bunny Do?

Press the adorable, oversized yellow button on his playtime-red dungarees and he interacts with you!

Bing plays the games we’ve seen him enjoying in his episodes, like standing statue still whilst we’re wobble watchers – and his huge velvety ears wiggle around as he’s talking.  Bing goes for a walk and occasionally tumbles – and asks for help, which is cute enough – but he thanks you for setting him on his paws again.  He’s just adorable and the voice is perfect.

We had most fun playing with him outdoors and on the wooden and linoleum floors of our house as he was able to get better traction there – not that he manages to get much traction anyway as Hero is so in love with his new friend Bing that he keeps running off with him.  Hero loves picking him up and hugging him, giving him love – and the sight of him being pulled along by his ear is almost too cute to bear…

Would I Buy It?

My Friend Bing Bunny Mattel Fisher Price CBeebies

Without a doubt.  It’s a fantastic quality toy.  Even at £39.99 I feel in comparison to other toys in this price range, it outstrips them all.  Fisher Price have really outdone themselves with attention to detail, and fine tuned the noise level that was so loud on other moving toys.  This is a toy that packs a punch as a present – hardwearing, big, bright and beautiful.  We would absolutely buy any friends of Bing that are made as companions and we’ll be buying a Flop as soon as we find one!

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