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So this weekend I reached the grand old age of thirty-*cough*.  I’m still having trouble absorbing that fact myself, and I keep recounting the years on my fingers but sure enough, time and time again, I found that as of Saturday, I was old enough to split myself in half, have both of myselves start university and still have a Baby Dragon left over.

In case you didn’t follow my mad, now apparently aged (according to my class) ramblings, I’m 37.

I’m not going to start lamenting to how I got so old because I can genuinely say that my thirties have been the happiest years of my adult life.  I’ve gotten married in Walt Disney World to the most amazing man, I’ve given birth to two children and I have the honour and privilege of being about to stay at home four days of the working week to raise them myself.  I know how lucky I am.

For my birthday, I was given two of the most beautifully hand decorated cards by my boys, and Dadda took me out to lunch at Wagamama. We tried to get a photo of each other across the table but with a 50mm lens, it was pretty hilarious.  You can see why I don’t get let out often from the photo…

It was delicious, and he time passed all too quickly.  I hardly ever get the time to connect and just talk to my husband lately, it makes me sad sometimes.

Anyway, enough of my self pity!  I had the most scrumptious cake made for me when we got home.  Two words that make my belly smile… Chocolate and orange.

When they’re joined by raspberry jam and cream, they’re even higher on my bliss scale…at the top, even!


Our Little Adventurer stood guard at the cake whilst the candle jar was located.


Why was he standing guard, you may ask?  Well….

…there’s your answer.  See the mischief written across the face, the twinkly smile? Yes.  Baby Dragon, “The Destroyer”.

When the candles were bought in, our boys set about trying to guess how many was enough for their old Momma….

It was a serious business.

Momma watched in, er, delight as the candles were embedded like moles scurrying for cover placed on her cake. They were placed with love though, and that’s what matters when I’m crunching through plastic and wax.

When it was finished, it was a beautiful sight. Rainbow coloured orange and chocolate temptation.

Whilst Dadda was getting the matches, Baby Dragon started practising blowing out the candles. This is a-dor-a-ble.

At last it was lit!  It was time for the birthday song.

I’ve never liked the Happy Birthday song growing up. It terrified me, having all that attention on me,all that noise, all those voices.  I never really knew where to look, or how to look and in actuality  I used to cringe in horror, which is pretty funny when I consider how much I loved advocacy…and now teaching.  Neither role exactly shies from the limelight.

The birthday song is my most anticipated personal moment of the year now.  Now I have the sweetest voice to sing to me, and soon I’ll have two. Not that Dadda’s voice isn’t lovely too, but hearing, “Happy Birthday Momma” has the combined effect of melting my heart and filling me with warm fuzzies whilst I’m simultaneously getting gloriously slapped in the face with the reality that I am one of the luckiest women alive, to be able to carry the title of “Momma”.


As Sam (Fireman of Pontypandy) had taken the weekend off, the candle count was limited far below my age.  Just for safety.  You never know when Norman Price might pop up; or Mike Flood, or any of the other hapless individuals who make Sam’s life a living nightmare by accidentally causing a fire nearly every single day.

So, they sang.  Jensen started shy at first, but began to get louder and prouder as the song progressed.

Then it was TIME.  The moment all little children wait for at birthdays, no matter whose it is.  When all cheeks are huffed, shoulders are hunched in anticipation of the puff, and parents everywhere warn them to stay back and not lean in too close to the magic glow of the cake. It was time.


Baby Dragon was determined.



After all of the huffing and puffing was done, when all of the candles were melted away (even the trick one), Baby Dragon was so sad.  Cue the cutest sad face ever.  And that was just me.  (Only kidding~no one falls for my sad face).

Luckily the tears were croco-dragon tears and dried up fast when he realised he could get his adorable little hands on some cake at last.

He seemed a little happier after nibbling the cake, but still a little annoyed that the firey fun was over.

Jensen took great delight in feeding Excalibur and Casanova bits of cake.

Excalibur wasn’t too proud to accept and his Waggery little tongue happily snaffled the crumbs from our Little Adventurer’s hand.

Just before bedtime, we tried for a shot of me and my littles.  I’m not sure what to say about this one except we’re all in it, it was late, but it was full of love. So much love.

Pure Happiness, 2013

Thank you for my birthday, boys.  Momma loves you so, so much.  Always,  wherever, forever.

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