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Yesterday, Jensen Indiana fell asleep before he could get more than one bite of food into his mouth.  So I pretended that his friends from the Easter Bunny (Raa Raa and co) were taking care of it and lined them up around his lunch for when he woke up.  Some of my friends on Facebook liked it and one of them jokingly suggested I should post my lunch every day so that she could make some for her little girls, too.

Every day (nearly every day) I make Jensen his lunch in a muffin tin, like this.  He likes it, and he’s more likely to eat it than a plate piled high with food.  Six little choices are more than enough for him and I can guarantee that nine out of ten times, he’ll eat it all.  Plus, it’s cute.  And I love cute.

I’m no pioneer and there are hundreds of Mommas out there doing it better than me, but I’m learning (and making do with what I have in the house).

So, here is today’s lunch.

Here’s one from Easter time.


I decided it would ensure Jensen had even cuter lunches if I was posting them, and so, to my friend ~ “Challenge accepted!” (Those of you who watch, “How I Met Your Mother” will understand).



Continuing with my daily lunch challenge, here’s today’s offerings.  Nothing very fancy as we were in a rush and Jensen wanted to get ALLLL of the cookie cutters out.

I hope you all like the eyes…. Jensen drew them!


Today’s lunch is what we have left as it’s shopping day.  Jensen was most excited to see the “doubloons” and find out what was in the carrot!


It’s shopping night tonight, as you can tell from today’s offering.  Although I did manage to make Jensen a little Eton Mess dessert.  Unsurprisingly, he left the meringue bits.  I can’t wait to get to the supermarket.  Poor little Jensen; I’m like Mother Hubbard’s poor relation.

And why mashed potato?  I was having jacket potato for lunch and I knew if I had it, he would want some.  So I popped two little chicks on top and of course, he ate it.  Well, some of it at least.


Last night, a miserable but inquisitive Baby Lyoto and I went out to ASDA instead of ordering our usual groceries online.  I think Jensen was glad we did…

Jensen managed to eat it all and ask for more watermelon.

Yes, that’s tongue.  Jensen loved it.  I used to eat it on Saturdays when my Granny came over for lunch.  I want Jensen to have as broad a palate as possible and not be afraid to try new things because they sound odd or because someone else doesn’t like them.  There are worlds of flavour out there!

He wasn’t however keen on trying the mini cookies until I told him that was what the cookie monster ate 😉  What a hypocrite I am 😉


Jensen was asleep by the time lunchtime came and so he is only just sitting down to eat now at 3pm.  Dinner might not be fun this evening….

I’d also like to mention that he’s eating his fromage frais with a silver spoon and that he loves it all the more because his fromage frais has a picture of Danny Dog (of Peppa Pig fame) on the side.  Jensen hasn’t had apricots dried before, but he seems to be enjoying them!


Today is a bit more exciting for Jensen as he made the pumpkin cakes that he is eating today!  He is also in love with the shaped yoghurts that he can drink.  At the moment however, he is busy nibbling his grapes off the skewer like a chipmunk and trying to fish the little crackers out with the fishing rods.


It’s cold and miserable.  Today Jensen asked for some shapes (pasta) for lunch, and so I obliged 🙂

DAY 10

A fun and festive one for Easter!

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