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On my birthday, when Jensen Indiana was only 4 weeks and one day old, my sister in law took me to a shop in Winchester where babies’ footprints were painted onto items of crockery as keepsakes.  Just because it seemed the thing to do, I had Jensen’s little imprints on a clock (for a particular reason which I’ll explain later) and a little honeypot.  I never thought much of what I did at the time, they were just his footprints; they were cute but that was about it.  Yet I treasure those little prints now.  Oh, those precious little imprints, keepsakes of a long lost babyhood.

So, this weekend we traveled to a different pottery place which allows you to paint your own instead of having it done for you, to get Lyoto’s done too.  I was keenly aware that the weeks were passing by and with every day that passed his little tootsies were growing bigger and bigger.

That’s the thing when you have more than one child; the fear of not treating them equally.  I live in fear of them growing up and realising that I did something wonderful for one and not the other.  There are things that I won’t fret over not doing for both of them, but these footprints hold so much meaning for me that I couldn’t miss our opportunity to have them immortalised.

Anyhow, we chose the clock template for our little Lyoto and Jensen, after much debating (he has issues like me over which to choose whenever there is a choice) decided to paint two dinosaurs and an elephant.  He was very excited and wanted to hold them constantly.  Then he saw the paint.

The manager came to us and explained how it worked.  We paid a studio fee to paint and they would help us with the footprints if we wanted. Oh, we wanted.  So we had to select a colour for the prints and Jensen perused the others for his own purposes.  We chose number 15 for Lyoto’s tootsies…  Or at least, Jensen did.  And I liked it.

Jensen was given some damp sponges to clean his little creatures with.  He sponged them so carefully and with such concentration.  I constantly have to remind myself that he is only two.

Whilst we waited for the manager to get ready for Lyoto’s prints, Jensen set to work. He chose a flecked paint to colour dinosaur number one.  From this activity I’m now pretty sure he’s right handed.

Then it was toe-time!  Lyoto took his little Donald Duck socks off and had his little feet painted a shade of Green that made him look like a mini-Hulk.

I think he was pretty disgusted.  Either that, or he had something against the Manager.  The words, “Why, I oughta…” in a Yosemite Sam voice resound in my head when I look at this shot.

I was leaping around trying to get a shot.  I cannot wait to get a camera with a faster shutter speed.  I miss half of the good moments with my Lumix.

After imprints, his little toes were cleaned and he was all done!  Simple! (Jensen is in love with the Meerkats on TV at the moment, he makes me say this a lot).

The Manager showed Lyoto his clock prints and asked for a smile.

She got this.

Followed by a stare.  Unimpressed.  I think he was still Yosemite Sam mad about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Jensen was very busy indeed.

I love Lyoto’s expressions in the photos above.  He’s always so interested in what his big brother is doing lately.  Even at 10 weeks (and 5 days), I think he idolises him already.

For his elephant, the Manager had shown Jensen a dotting technique and he was busy trying it out.

Lyoto joined Momma for a bit of painting too.

I took this photo below like a geek when no one was looking.  There are few photos of me with my boys on a day to day basis.  Usually because when they are doing something cute, I am the one that runs to get the camera.  I do wish there were more photos of me with my boys though.  I read on a blog yesterday about a challenge called, “Embrace the Camera”.  It involves once a week, taking a photo with you and your children to show that you were in their lives, having fun with them.  I’m joining in, because usually, when Gavin does go to take a photo of me, I say I’m not looking good (quite frequently) and refuse.  So I’m literally going to embrace this challenge.  Get ready for some rough photos of me and plenty of pyjama shots.

With my little Dragon…
…and embracing the camera with Jensen…

…and for completeness, Jensen actually took this shot below!

I started to put the detail onto the clock and Jensen looked pretty nervous.  I have to say I was pretty wobbly and shaky doing this. no wonder he was worried.  I’d never written with one of those pens before, the flow was all crazy.  Lyoto, when you grow up and read this, momma did her best, I promise.

After the detailing that we decided on was finalised, I decided it would be a great idea to put our fingerprints on the back of the clock.

Jensen and I got started…

Then Dadda…

…and Momma…

…and Baby Lyoto.


So small.  So tiny.  Growing so fast.

Our finished clock!  The colours will be much more vibrant once it’s been fired.  We get it next week.  Jensen was pretty apprehensive when I told him that he couldn’t take his animals home as they needed to be cooked.

Only two days to go…I can’t wait to collect them!

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