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With Baby Hero beginning his relationship with solid food I’m anxious [although trying to remain calm] that he learns to love a range of foods and flavours.  Just as each of our boys is completely different to the others in shape, size, abilities and temperament, so are their relationships with food.  

Baby Hero will eat everything he can touch and hold, and Jensen and Lyoto prefer either food that they have made themselves [and especially grown themselves] or food that looks like fun…and they both LOVE Kellogg’s cereal.

There are some foods we haven’t tried with them, like tiger prawns and dried coconut so we decided that we’d try something a little different to appeal to each of our boys.

After a few clicks and taps on our favourite local hypermarket’s website, ASDA delivered our ingredients – except apparently the big boxes of Kellogg’s cereal were out of stock and we ended up with three packs of mini boxes.  They are cute though.

The first dish we decided to make with our Kellogg’s Corn Flakes [a favourite breakfast cereal of our boys] was coconut and lime cornflake chicken lollipops.

I don’t like my boys touching raw meat yet when working together as their alter-ego’ed duo, “The Cook Brothers”.  Jensen I would be fine with, but Lyoto would want to join in and there’s a huge likelihood he’ll touch his face/something he shouldn’t.  So we divided tasks and saved the risk of giving everything something nasty for another day.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can share tasks and do things together at different times.  Everyone [except Baby Hero who was cuddling Granny] got involved.

Baby Hero really loved the texture of the lollipop, and enjoyed slamming it everywhere as though he was in a Kellogg’s marching band.

Whilst these were cooking, we set to work on our second recipe.

We wanted to try a seafood recipe for Jensen, who seems to have a love of the fruits of the sea, especially those that he can firstly see in their whole form [what I’m trying to say is that he likes to eat food with faces it seems].

We weren’t sure he’d try them, but as usual we held our breath and we were surprised by him.  He ate nearly all of the huge tiger prawns that we left whole too.  I had one bite before he asked if I was enjoying it, and I caved and handed it over.

The prawncakes were so easy to make and everyone can join in [although the hand washing needs to be closely supervised when working with shellfish of course].

We named these our Snap, Crackle and Chili Prawn Cakes.

As with the chicken, we baked on Gas Mark 7, but only for 15 minutes [or until golden brown and cooked through].  Serve with a sweet chili dip [mix mayonnaise and sweet chili until desired taste] and hope there are enough left by the time you get to the table!

It’s my birthday – you’d think they would have saved one for me!

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so creative and cleaver, most importantly though also so yummy looking. I cannot believe I haven't heard of Chicken Lollipops before lol. I'm definitely going to be trying this out.

  2. Oh my! Now this makes me miss my mom. She makes such delicious chicken lollipops. And I'm drooling on those prawncakes. I love seafood! Now I'm hungry!

  3. The min I saw the picture of your sons shaking the bag I started singing "put the lime in the coconut" haha. This looks like a really fun and tasty meal to make, plus my kids would love to help!

  4. Very cool post! I love how the boys were in on the fun :-). I've always heard that corn flakes make the best coating. These recipes sound awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This sounds really good. My mother used corn flakes for a lot of things when I was a kid. I bet this lime recipe would be great on fish as well!

  6. It would never occur to me to make savoury food from breakfast cereal but both of these recipes sound amazing! I'll have to give them a go. I'm not sure Elsa will go for the prawns but we will see!

  7. YOU … are an awesome mom! I absolutely love that you put your little guys to work helping you in the kitchen. And they look like they're having so much fun! Those tiger prawns looks amazing, too!

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