The Cake-a-Pillars…

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It was raining AGAIN on Friday and so Jensen Indiana and I had plans to make some piggy cake pops.  We were all excited until it didn’t *quite* go to plan.  The cake balls were too light and wouldn’t stay on the sticks, the melts weren’t “dippable” and we were getting nowhere fast.

A few drops of icing colour later, and our vision for the cake balls was transformed.

Enter the “Cake-a-Pillar”!

Covered in jelly tots and sprinkles, with curly candle antennae (we know what these are from the “Lingo Show” on TV, a language show with bugs, Jensen talked to them as he created them, giving them two eyes each (very conservative) in the correct place and even making repeating colour patterns with the jelly tots (little things like this make me so proud!).

We couldn’t wait to show Dadda when he came home.  Until then our Little Adventurer found it very hard to wait for the melts to dry on his new friends.  So sweet.

Shortly after this photo, his cakey friends met their munchy end. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of their kind in the future, especially if Momma can’t get the hang of melts….

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