A Day Out On The Farm (Part IV): A Close Encounter With The Chicks!

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One of the main reasons we decided to come to this particular farm was because of the “close encounters” I’d read about on their site. Jensen adores all creatures and wants to hold them, love them, play with them. He’s very mature and in tune with them (except for worms, we still don’t understand that they can’t be our best friends and play all day).

Sadly our normal day to day experiences are limited to the huskies, his brother and any insect or reptile that we can find in the garden. So today Jensen could not believe his ears when we asked him if he wanted to see a baby chick, just like Ming Ming (from Wonderpets).

We came to the barn where the experience was due to take place and sat down.  Camera ready, we asked Jensen if he would like to HOLD a chick. Here’s what we got…

He sat as still as a toddler-statue waiting with his little basket, terrified that the farmer was going to miss him out as the chicks were distributed to other waiting baskets. My heart was bursting with emotion just looking at him gripping the wicker, anticipating his own little chick.

Then chick arrived.  The expression on his face was worth so much more that I can express myself.  He was overjoyed ~ a real chick!

Lyoto on the other hand seemed to view the chick in a very sceptical manner.  I don’t doubt that could he have gotten his hands on little chick, the situation would have been something akin to a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon.

Jensen was so gentle with the little fluffy creature, although I knew he would be.  I had no fear of him squashing or smacking or doing any other toddler-like behaviour with this little one.  He has a very natural affinity with animals.  He just loves being around them, and they seem to know it.  Maybe I’m raising Dr. Doolittle.

We started off stroking.  Then when he got to hold the chick, he became very quiet, like a mother hen, cupping and cosseting the tiny little ball of fluff.  He was so proud (and so were Dadda and I uon watching what some of the other chicks were enduring around the barn ;)).

Then the farmer gave us a sticker to say that we had held a chick!  Stickers AND chicks!

Jensen was in LOVE.

Jensen asked Dadda if he wanted to touch the chick, but did warn him to be gentle and, “Not kwash him, Dadda!”

He told us how special he was.  He was only a baby, you know.  He likes to eat seeds and worms, Jensen told us very seriously.



Then it was time for the chick to go back.

No tantrums, just more love.  If I could have died of pride-overload, I would’ve been strumming a giant harp by that point.

With a last stroke goodbye, he got ready to hand the chick back.  I felt so sad for him; I got the feeling that Jensen would gladly have sat all day, just stroking the little chick’s fluffy figure.

He told little chick goodbye.  My poor heart ached so badly.

Someone was happy though 😉

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