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This week our bedtime bookcase is a fun one.  The boys really got excited to think that they were telling people about great books they’ve read and wanted to plan the next few weeks’ bookcase titles in readiness [whoa there, Neddy!].  After the jumping up and down on the bed subsided, here are the titles we’ve chosen this week.  As last week, each one of us has chosen a favourite and we’ve guessed at Hero’s based on the amount of times he’s chosen them himself and whapped us over the head with it.

Mommy’s Choice: Stick and Stone
I chose Stick and Stone this week because it’s such a sweet story about kindness, bravery and being there for your friends in times of need.  The story made our boys smile and gave a subtle message about bullying to them without being too serious.  They loved the connection between Stick and Stone and were cheering them on in the face of adversity.  I love books with a message, especially when the boys actually ‘get’ it.

Daddy’s Choice: Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas
When there’s a piranha called Brian who won’t put eating bums and toes ahead of a nice fruit salad, you know you’re in for a treat and Australian author Aaron Blabey had the boys in stitches – and Daddy was impressed.  The rhyming patter and hilariousness of a piranha earnestly trying to be a kinder little fish is brilliant.
Jensen’s Choice: Little Legends SeriesJensen is into the longer, more involved stories now at bedtime and as the third book of the night, Daddy reads a chapter to him, as Lyoto is often asleep by then.  His favourite new series has been the Little Legends by Tom Percival and we’re waiting on the third book in the set to be released in July.  The stories tell the adventures of Fairytale characters before they grew up, and Jensen adores them.

Lyoto’s Choice:  I Am An Artist by Marta Ales
This book is Lyoto all over.  A child who loves to create – just not always in the right places, and more rambunctiously than you’d generally like around the house.  His masterpieces and views on creativity are slightly at odds with his mom, but it made us giggle!

Hero’s Choice:  I Like to Squeak!
Hero loves the noises and moving the pages backwards and forwards to activate the voices of the animals – his favourite it the cow at the moment.  There are more books in the Little Tiger Series – and we love every one of the My Little World books – they’re beautifully coloured, well made and really engage little hands and minds.
So what have you been reading this week?  We’re always on the lookout for new bedtime stories – speaking of which, we’ve just been sent some new Storytime Magazines to review this week!

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