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My “baby” is nearly two.  He’s still my baby and there are still so many firsts to experience – such as getting his hair cut.  I can’t bear that I might have to change his current Linus [Peanuts] hairdo to a big boy style, or his first real shoes [we’ve been wearing wellyboots and moccasins since forever].  He’s walking, talking, and dressing himself pretty well – he’s hitting the big targets like a champion.

But of all of the big firsts, there are the little firsts – the ones that matter to our little people – and watching those happen is like the best chicken soup for the soul, ever.  They’re the moments I want to capture like stars, and bottle them forever.  They twinkle and sparkle and light up my boys’ lives with the realisation that they are growing, and that anything – anything they set their mind to – is possible.

I was going to tell the story of how Hero hopes to stay away from home for the night at Granny and Grandad’s this Summer holiday period – his first WITHOUT MOM trip – until this evening.  This evening he headed out, dressed in clothes he’d worn all day, hot chocolate around his cheeky face, to collect Daddy from work.  We took a ball and headed to the playground on the grounds, and when Daddy did finish work, it happened.

It might not be much to anyone else, but to Hero, he just climbed Everest.  His first dandelion clock.  Blowing the little fairies into the breeze with daddy at first, we watched as he hunted down his own flower and puffed out his cheeks.  It took a while, but he got there.  And he was so, so proud that I was pretty sure my heart was going to burst watching him.

We’re celebrating Baby Hero’s first with Petits Filous – because quite simply, he could eat six of them a day if I let him.  Silver spoon in hand, he clambers onto the sofa, picnic bench or trampoline [it happens, believe me] with his little pots of strawberry and raspberry goodness [these are his favourite Petits Filous], and smiles as he spoons yoghurt into his mouth, gets it everywhere, and fills his little belly.

He started eating My First Petits Filous initially – vanilla flavoured deliciousness.  After suffering gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Hero, I’ve very wary of the amount of sugar in food that claims to be good for children.  It was a huge relief when I flipped the pots to the side to see the nutritional information, scanned for sugar I saw 4.8g per 100g.  My threshold for myself after suffering gestational diabetes whilst pregnant with Hero is 5%, and so anything under that I’m happy to give to him – and he was very, very happy to eat!

With no artificial flavourings, colours, sweetners or preservatives, they’re gimmick free and just delicious – I know he eats them because he likes them, not because his favourite character sits upon the wrapper to entice him.  It’s a relief to find a snack which he can enjoy without me worrying whether there’s actually anything of substance in it, instead of just chemically enhanced gloop.

We’re celebrating our freeing the fairies from our first dandelion clock tonight – what was your favourite first?

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  1. How very cute, I love your photo's. I took about 30 photos of my little man with his first dandelion clock, it's a lovely first experience. My kids all loved petits filous when they were younger, they like the older versions now the little pots are too small for them.

  2. Minky tends to suck not blow when smelling flowers and blowing dandelion clocks, ends up with a mouth full.
    The twins have not had their first hair cuts yes either.
    over from the linky to see some of the others that entered.

  3. Oh Hero is so cute and what a fab first to remember. I used to love doing that, although I am less keen as an adult on all the dandelions on my lawn!

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