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Life is so much sweeter when your little people all get along – when a new baby arrives, it’s easy for little ones for feel pushed out or ignored.  Now, I’m not smug – there are days when our two oldest boys are in a never ending cyclone of teasing an shrieking at each other, and I wish I had a lock on the bathroom so I could hide, just for a few minutes.

Mostly though, they get on – and I know they’re bound to have their struggles and tussles as they get older – and when each one of them was welcomed into our world, they were eagerly anticipated and very much loved and wanted by the already existing brothers.

Sibling gifts are one of the ways we helped our boys to show love for each other and stave off any potential jealousy in the early days.  My mum and dad made sure that when they came to visit Lyoto and Hero, little trinkets were bought for Jensen and Lyoto to celebrate them becoming big brothers.  Friends gave them special shirts and the arrival of a new member of the family was exciting for everyone – promotion to biggest and big brother when Hero arrived, and promotion to actual brother when Lyoto made his entrance.

When Lyoto was born, Jensen bought him a little gift to the hospital.  What he didn’t expect was a little something back from his baby brother.  Jensen was just two and his joy thinking that his very own brother who was just a tiny baby already loved him so much was written all over his face.

JoJo Maman Bebé have some of the sweetest gifts for both new babies and for celebrated brothers and sisters that can help with bonding – we are completely in love with the dotty tin tea set for Summer babies – our boys are already planning who will carry the tea set on their first picnic!

The beauty of role play toys is that they’re open ended – play can evolve and completely absorb them in their own little world, which is perfect if you’re exhausted with your newborn’s squishy little needs.  They’ve thought of everything – even gift boxes for hiding little surprises – and the ranges are just gorgeous – my personal favourites are of course Sophie la Girafe [we adore her!], the plush elephant and little wooden duckling – and I so wish I had spotted the duckling sleepsuit when I was pregnant with Hero.

You can see their perfect gifting ranges here – I’m stepping away from the computer before the elephant ends up in my shopping basket…

We were gifted some items from JoJo Maman Bébé

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  1. I love the photo of your boys together in the hospital and I adore watching my own children play together too. It's so special to have the love that they have as siblings. When my daughter came to the hospital to meet her baby brother she was so proud. That is one of my all-time favourite photos.

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