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It’s when the weather is this hot that I’m especially grateful to be living on the South Coast of England.  We have silky soft, sandy beaches to spend the day lay on [or chasing children on], hand dipped, home farmed ice creams to dine on and lush, breezy meadow walks to cherish on lazy Sunday afternoons.

I’m slightly in love with kaftans this year.  I’ve already bought two lacy ones in the past year but they’re a bit too heavy and I’m thinking with the weather we are having that I need something a little more floaty for Summer.  I’ve finally narrowed it down to two quite distinctly opposite numbers and I’m not sure which one I’ll go for so I thought I would throw it open to public opinion.

On the left is a beautiful, silver and white sparkly one from House of Fraser [whom we love] for £45 and on the right for £27 in the sale, is the tropical, striking one by Monsoon.  I’m just not sure.  Any advice?

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