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Hero’s super late 2nd Disney Wild West Woody party.  Do you know how many parties I’ve thrown for my boys and family that I’ve never gotten around to blogging?  SO many.  I procrastinate over culling, editing, which ones to post – and then suddenly it’s a year later and I’m planning a new party for the same person.  This time I’m jumping right in.

Hero turned 2 in July and we finally celebrated when all of our family could be there on August 1st. August – you’d think it would be nice, right?  So did I – and my paper party decorations, printables, tablecloths and everything else that makes a party pretty.  We set out from our house in t-shirts and came home soaked, in oversized hoodies borrowed from cousins.  It rained ALL day from about ten minutes after we arrived at the beach country park.

Disney Toy Story Woody Party Bullseye Toy Story Woody Party

Anyhow, despite the constant downpour which was beginning as I frantically tried to snap these photos, Hero loves Woody, the boys love Toy Story – and getting to dress up as cowboys with moustaches was more than we could resist.  The dessert table was filled with a huge chocolate fudge birthday cake, apple pie, a s’mores bar with Woody hosting it, and other chocolate and marshmallow treats.    Bullseye kept a watch over everything and I snapped as fast as I could as the rain began to come down.

Toy Story Woody PartyDisney Pixar Toy Story Party

We had party games planned with a beautiful traditional ring toss set from my sister from Wonderlings and such hugh hopes – and although they were completely dashed thanks to the rain, and everyone ended up sat under the trees instead of eating outside our teepee for a good few hours, it was fantastic.  My family and friends rallied around to make me smile and Hero had the time of his life playing with “the kids” as our boys call their cousins.

Toy Story Woody Party

Toy Story Woody Party Apple pieDisney Toy Story Woody Party Dessert Table

Details of the party coming soon – including some very silly cowboys!

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  1. You know I love this right? Because your photos are always just awesome. But you know, tough talking mom to the other tough talking mom- kids love to dance in the rain. Kids love to dance in the sea. They don’t discriminate by the weather, they just love being outdoors. I have no doubt your boys will be remembering this one for years to come.

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