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AD – We were sent the super fun 44 Cats toys for the purposes of this coverage.

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This year – wayyyyyy back in January, I was working at the Toy Show when two really cute and enormous members of 44 Cats came to take a look at the jigsaw puzzles we had featuring themselves. The TV show on Pop!, 44 Cats, that our boys watch follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball, also known as The Buffycats, a band who have a garage clubhouse to hang out in. It’s an adorable series and this week we were sent a HUGE selection of their toys, so here are some of our favourites…

44 cats toys smoby

44 Cats Musical Plush Soft Toys

Lampo and Meatball are here to stay in our home. Embroidered, embellished plushy cats, soft and huggable, the boys fell in love instantly. Squeeze their bellies and they play the music from the TV series. You can also collect Milady and Pilou. They’re about 8 inches tall, which is the perfect size for bedtime cuddles!

44 cats toys smoby plush musical

Club House Playsets

The Buffycats are a band, who love hanging out in their clubhouse in Grandma Pina’s garage – and each has a little nook to call their own! Simba Smoby Toys have turned these into playsets and we were so excited to get some to play with!

44 cats toys smoby playsets

The playsets come with a little 3 inch articulated [arms, legs and head] 44 Cats characters, and a recreation of their catty corner! There are 3 to collect, and eat of the 44 Cats is wearing exclusive clothing that can’t be seen anywhere else, which is so exciting if you’re a 44 Cats fan! The 44 Cats Toys playsets are considered suitable for ages 3 and up.

44 cats toys smoby milady

Lampo’s Place

We have Lampo’s Place – the adorable blue eyed tabby kitten leader of the band and lead singer. His set complete with a bowl of pasta for lunch, and the most adorable set with a moveable fish.

44 cats toys smoby lampo

Milady’s Place

– complete with a bed that you can decorate with stickers,

Pilou’s Place

Pilou is the cute cat who loves to chill out when she’s not rocking out. She’s also the drummer of the band and so her playset is a dressing table with a bass drum shell underneath. The mirror and windmills spin and move, and she has her bowl filled ready for dinner.

We LOVE the playsets. They’re perfect for imaginary play and for recreating favourite moments from the TV episodes!

44 cats toys smoby figures playsets

Where to Buy

The Playsets are available in the Entertainer Toy Shop, and the musical plushies from Argos.

44 cats toys smoby figures lampo pilou meatball milady

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