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We were gifted the Present Pets toy from Spinmaster.

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New toys are always exciting – new toys which behave like pets are even more exciting…and new toys, which act like dogs and which no one else has their paws on yet are even more exciting! We were sent a Present Pets box this week to unbox and share with you. We had no idea who we’d be receiving, but we were excited to find out. All we knew is that this was a new, interactive toy pet from Spinmaster. The boys have made a YouTube video which will be up soon – we’ll pop it in our sidebar or you can check out our other videos on our Keep Up With The Jones Family YouTube Channel here.


Present Pets, Interactive Toy, Present Pets Dog Unboxing
Lyoto and Princess the Present Pet

We unboxed Princess! She’s a beautiful little doggy with soft ears lined with heart patterned satin, a biscuit and pink coat and rose gold details. The boys were besotted with her, although Lyoto wished there were boy dogs too. He wanted to know why, after reviewing the boy-free Vet Squad Toys last week, all of the toys which have cute animals in are aimed at girls. I told him the truth – I have no idea.


Princess the Fancy Pup Present Pets
Princess the Fancy Present Pet Pup

It’s impossible to tell which exact Present Pet will be yours from the outside of the box – but you can tell which breed they’ll be! There are Fancy Pups and Glitter Pups. Pink boxes with pink bows mean a Fancy Pups and you’ll either receive Princess like us or Kweenie. Purple boxes with purple bows mean you’ll get a Glitter Pup; Casey or Cocoa can be yours.

Present Pets Box
Present Pets Box Waiting….


First of all, TAKE THE BOX OUT OF THE BOX. Take it all out. Everything. We left ours inside the box at first because on the outer box there are perforations which lead us to believe that this box would be the one she came out of. Nooooo. There’s an inside box, so take it all out until you get to the box with the little perforated paw shaped holes. THEN pull the tag. Failure to do this means you’ll see nothing but hear an exasperated Present Pet trying to punch and paw their way through two box shells instead of one.

The next bit is simple – pull the tag and let your Present Pets break free!

Once your new friend is out, you need to flick the two little bone shaped switches by their back paw to the side to release the paws, and – and there’s no other way of saying this, pull the metal prong from your Present Pet’s Bottom. Then your little dog will be free from their box and ready to play.

Present Pet Pup Paws Spinmaster


I’m doing the happy dance here. BATTERIES are already included. Thank you, Spinmaster. Present Pet Princess was ready for action without us having to hunt for a teeny screwdriver and the right kind of batteries.

Present Pets Princess the Fancy Pup Unboxing Spinmaster
Jens giving cuddles to Princess


Thankfully, to save batteries and sanity, and from having your kids woken up by a Present Pet rolling about in their bed barking, there’s a little off switch on the back paw, which is easy to find.


The instructions were pictures and easy to follow – your Present Pet can make over 100 noises and sounds [we haven’t counted them]. There are different play modes and you can get your dog to do tricks! To get wags and licks and kisses from your Present Pet, activate Cuddle Mode by fussing the back of your Present Pet’s head. Tickle their belly to make them giddy with excitement – you can give them snuggles and kisses, and best of all, you can have what we named the Great British Bark Off – pet your dog’s back a few times, bark at your doggy and they’ll bark right back! Other than the tricks and cuddles and barks, your little Present Pet moves their legs and is just all around adorable.

Present Pets Spinmaster


Well, Father Christmas can of course make these but otherwise they’re in all good toy shops and of course Amazon.


Also remember to stay until the end….we have a little treat for you. Haha.

The Jones Boys Toys in the Studio
The Jones Boys Toys

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  1. Any chance you would be interested in selling? My daughter really wants the Princess! Character for Christmas and I’m not seeing any way to determine a specific character unless already opened. Hope all is well!

    1. I’m so sorry! We actually gave her to a little girl who lives in our road. I don’t think there is a way to tell between Princess and Kweenie sadly – but the fun is them coming out of the box and so honestly I don’t think I’d want to pay a great deal for the unboxed version. I have everything crossed that you can get Princess and I’ll let you know if I hear of anyone selling her.

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