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This week we’ve been reviewing Oonies, a new toy that the boys have fallen in love with and which I’m pretty impressed with too. So impressed that I actually went to Amazon to see if I could buy a refill for the set for the boys to use – only to discover that the Oonies starter kit isn’t released until September!  This made the set even more exciting for the boys, like top secret toy testing. Haha.

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So, the Oonies starter set is a toy that all of our boys could play together and create – and there are no scissors, paint or glue required!  Hero memorised the steps to inflate his Oonies and if a 36 month old can do it, it’s a winner with me.

The kit contains an inflator which blows up these little sticky pellets into three different sizes balloon-like Oonies.  Then they can be decorated and turned into little creatures, or played with as sticky ball like objects for throwing and piling up.  The leaflet inside the Oonie box has suggestions which we thought was brilliant.

If you have a hairy dog or cat, this is a set which needs to be kept away from them and played with on a hair free, dust free surface as the stickiness of the Oonies attracts everything, so be warned.

So, what did we think about the Oonies set?

oonies starter kit

That this is unique – we’ve never seen anything like this before and despite my reservations over crafting toys for little people and their usefulness/workability, this one delivers in full.  It’s genius – and has the potential to provide hours of fun.

How this is a toy that can be used in so many ways.  Our boys loved inflating the pellets and then deciding how to create their Oonie creatures – and then when they figured out that they could play games with them that involved sticking them to the windows, they were over the moon! Sticking to walls and windows is a winner for little people in our house.


There were more decorative and connecting parts in the starter kit – and more in the refill kits.

For the Starter Kits, there are sufficient pellets, but honestly I feel it would be worth paying a little more for an initial experience that’s amazing and encourages parents to want to refill – as it is, it feels like a rather lacklustre and limited starter kit in terms of accessories for the Oonies. There are plenty of pellets for a fun first time, but the other parts feel a bit sparse, especially for the price tag.

The themed refill kits were more themed – 36 Oonie pellets in the themed packs, which is great – with only 24 decorative parts.  If you’re looking to create little creatures, you can only create about 4 of them with 6 body parts each, and that’s not a lot  sadly when you’re little and want to have fun creating your vision of a little Oonie.  There’s bound to be more tears than smiles when the pieces are that thin on the ground.

So how do we ultimately feel – would we buy it?

The Oonies Starter kit is available in stores in September from £19.99.  We absolutely LOVE the Oonies concept and the fun is outstanding, but the price feels rather a little high for so few creations.

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