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Although I used to visit every Summer holidays when I was a child, since moving away and bringing up the boys I’ve only managed to make the trek to Drayton Manor Park and Zoo once, in 2012.

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Having only ever saw him on the TV or the app that his brothers play on their iPads, Baby Hero was completely new to ThomasLand and completely overwhelmed that he was “real” – so real that he could climb onboard!

We arrived on time for our extra hour – the press hour that the mister wished was a press day – and collected our passes.  The boys loved their huge train tickets and we headed on in for a day of trainspotting!

As the boys’ oversized press passes flicked about their knees [and Baby Hero’s ankles], we stood on the platform whilst they gazed in wonder at Thomas puffing into sight, and my heart burst a little, watching them see a real life childhood hero take shape before their eyes.

Not only did we manage to ride Thomas in our first hour, but we also got a spot in line for Winston!  Lyoto spent the whole ride admiring the view from way up high – and surprisingly, for a parent with great apprehension of sky rides [me], the ride feels so secure that I completely forgot I was flying around on a rail and relaxed enough to enjoy it without feeling the boys or I were about to plummet to our doom.

Granny and Grandad drove over to meet us and enjoy a tasty burger and fries for lunch, after getting stuck in traffic jams galore – but then spent the rest of the afternoon with us, as we took it in turns to ride the attractions.  I’m still regretting my turn on Toby after eating a spicy chicken burger as my poor tummy got spun about, but Jensen thought it was quite hilarious – and so did the ride operator.  

Our favourite ride collectively were those Troublesome Trucks and their roller coaster ride.  A very close second was Cranky Crane’s Tower Drop, and Winston’s Whistle Stop.  There were quite a few rides we didn’t manage to get to – including Rocking Bulstrode which was my favourite in 2012 – but we’re determined to get to those next time!

It was a brilliant day out – completely packed with fun, instead of hours queuing. Where there were lines, they evaporated quickly and didn’t leave us stood with frustrated boys.  Jensen even had a turn on the Hook a Duck which has turned into a sport wherever we go.

Thank you Drayton Manor, for inviting us on our special day out with Thomas and Friends – meeting the Fat Controller and being the first passengers on Thomas for the day was a memory we won’t forget.  

So here is our day at Drayton Manor Park, visiting ThomasLand, in photographs.  We’ll be back in the Summer holidays to explore more!  I promise I was there – I was the one behind the lens.


See you in the Summer holidays!


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  1. Thank you so much, Emma! I'm glad you had a great day too, I'm off to pop over and see what you got up to! We got lucky with the Fat Controller as he was by the exit just as we were off to get lunch!

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