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I’ve stayed in some very impressive hotels in my life so far – and some that have disappointed me very much.  I never get my hopes up before I’ve opened the door to my room and stepped inside because appearances are so often deceiving.  The most expensive hotels aren’t necessarily the most luxurious or the most accommodating – and the cheapest ones aren’t always the tackiest or least clean.

Last week when I boarded the airplane to take me to Europa-Park, I knew I was staying *somewhere* – I just hadn’t expected that place to be the Hotel Colloseo, one of Europa-Park’s own hotels.  Imagine my excitement! Haha.  We arrived through large iron gates and floated past cooling fountains of carved white stone stallions as the weather forecast for once turned my trip from one that required the packing of a raincoat to one that told me off for not packing sunscreen.  It was hot, people!

Anyhow, whilst I’m still editing Europa-Park photos for my post over at Britmums, here’s a look at the Four Star Hotel Colloseo.  It’s the perfect place to stay whilst you’re visiting the Park – within one minute’s walking distance from park entry [I kid you not] and beautifully themed in a Gladiator style.  I wished that I could have transported the bunk beds in the rooms back for our boys, and the chandeliers for myself!  Take a look at my little tour of the hotel in the YouTube video – and if you’re heading to the Park with little ones, you’d be crazy not to stay here.

I didn’t get to see most of the hotel [including the pool, *sob*!] but you can take a look here on the Europa-Park website.  Take a look at the rooms with the freestanding bathtubs!  Hotel Colloseo, Europa-ParkHotel Colloseo, Europa-ParkHotel Colloseo, Europa-Park Hotel Colloseo, Europa-Park Hotel Colloseo, Europa-Park Hotel Colloseo, Europa-ParkThe Roman style architecture was just beautiful – I’m so glad I looked up!  It was so funny, because once I looked up with my lens, people started gathering to look up, too!  It’s amazing what you miss if you don’t take time to look ALL around you.Hotel Colloseo, Europa-ParkHotel Colloseo, Europa-ParkHotel Colloseo, Europa-Park

Please note – this post is NOT sponsored.  I just thought you’d like to take a tour with me!

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