On the Gruffalo Trail… (Part I)

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Last week the Jones family decided to take a day out to go walking in the woods.  I’ve loved to do this since I was a child and we used to go conker hunting at this time of year, and given our location in the South of England, we are positively spoiled for chioce when it comes to the great green outdoors.

This time we settled on the Moors Valley Country Park. I love this particular place chiefly because it’s so expansive, so beautiful, so peaceful….and it makes me feel like I’m in the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World when I see the tall trees and log cabins.

We also chose this park because we knew that it had a Gruffalo Quiz Trail that we could follow through the forest and so we grabbed a card (for £2), wrangled a pencil (for free!) and headed out to see if we knew as much about the big fearsome lover of owl ice cream, scrambled snake and roasted fox as we thought. After all, our Little Adventurer can recite the book, what more could there be to know?

We began our trail at the end by accident ~ and decided to see how we measured up against the characters in the book…

After discovering that Dadda was as tall as the growly Gruffalo, Jensen Indiana was snake, Baby Dragon was owl and Momma fell somewhere short, we headed off to find the start.  Someone got there ahead of the rest of us!



LOOK!  I found a Gruffalo!
The tasks in the booklet were related to the story of the Gruffalo and tied in with nature.  Our first question asked us to match the animal to the habitat…Jensen and Dadda discussed this and I scribed.  Baby Dragon? He tried to eat everything explored his natural surroundings.


By the time we had gotten to task three, asking us about the wildlife in the country park, Jensen Indiana was in full flow.  For this question he decided to pen(cil) the Gruffalo a little letter…

Part II Coming Up!

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