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After last weekend’s Backyard BBQ vlog attempt with the no sound, I’m just so grateful that so many of you took the time to watch it and try and figure out just what I did wrong with the sound!  I’m learning, what can I say?  It took me about two years to get to grips with my first DSLR, so maybe I’ll be editing properly by the time Hero starts school!  Haha.

Anyway, that hasn’t stopped me from trying again – and I’d be SO grateful if you’d have a watch and let me know what you think [emails preferred to hide my shame] and any tips you have for vlogging.  I promised myself that I would actually get in front of the camera this year and so here we go.  We’re getting there. I’m in one vlog.

Our second vlog is called Day Trip to Longleat Safari Park.  It’s not sponsored; we visited Centerparcs with the mister’s family to celebrate my mother in law’s 70th birthday, and they bought us tickets to visit the zoo too!  We’ve only ever seen Longleat Safari Park on TV with Kate Humble [or Mumbles, as my family finds it hilarious to call her] and Ben Fogle in Animal Park.

Post coming up soon with our photos in it, but for now, here’s our very first, sound-all-the-way-through-I-promise, vlog.  Note, there is an upside down part in the maze. Haha.

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