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As soon as I opened my eyes, I thanked my lucky stars that the weather was the complete opposite to Saturday’s complete washout of the Romsey Show.  We were going’ huntin’ zebra [imagine that in an Elmer Fudd voice].  The Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra Trail has been on in Southampton and the zoo since mid July and we still hadn’t gotten around to finding any.  In 2013 we hunted down some very sparkly Go! Rhino statues, and now we were armed with an app and a map [just in case] to find some Zany Zebra – and get out of the house before we all got cabin fever.

Marwell's Zany Zebra Trail Southampton

The trail has a base camp in the Marlands shopping centre – Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra Trail HQ has activities to do, information and gifts to buy – and a strawberry zebra!  There’s also a raffle to win a small blank zebra to take home and design yourself…and you can pick up some #ZanyZelfie ears which my boys are still complaining at me that I didn’t get for them because I was too busy talking to the lovely Marwell ladies there.

We started right there in the centre and worked our way around town to the Bargate, around East Street and all over on our Southampton safari.  Jensen loved learning about parts of the city he never usually thinks about or sees on our normal shopping trips, and the boys all got so excited every time they spotted a new friend.  It’s such a shame that more of the zebra couldn’t be outdoors due to pathetic vandalism of the statues, because there’s nothing better than running about, learning about the geography of your home city whilst having fun at the same time.

Marwell's Zany Zebra Trail Southampton

Marwell's Zany Zebra Trail SouthamptonMarwell's Zany Zebra Trail Southampton

We met some friends on our way around the trail who pointed out their school’s zebra, who had lived in their living room whilst getting ready to be taken to the trail!  The school designed zebra were the best, we loved them.

Marwell's Zany Zebra Trail Southampton

The boys’ favourite zebra by far was Zany Zebra – the Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra Trail app avatar.  Jensen took about twenty photos of himself with this one!

Marwell's Zany Zebra Trail SouthamptonIf you’re following the trail and wondering where some of the Zany Zebra are, check the website to see if they’ve been relocated [due to damage].  The trail is still on until September 25th.

If you’re closer to Marwell Zoo than Southampton – or you want to visit both locations, you can take a #GiantZelfie with Gulliver the HUUUUGE zebra, and follow the mini Zany Zebra trail!

The fun doesn’t end on September 25th though – from 14th-17th October, all of the sculptures come together for a one off  ‘Zebratastic Weekend’ celebration at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton!


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  1. What a fun activity! All of the zebras are so cute and I really like the colors of the last one. I wish our local zoo would do something like that.

  2. It sounds like a fun activity to do with the kids especially since they’re going to learn a lot while spending quality time with you. I think it’s great and I would love to do this with my daughter, it’s a nice learning experience for her.

  3. First off how cute are these little guys, so freaking adorable. How cool is this, this looks so freaking cool. I love the various Zebra’s, I would take pictures with them all.

  4. look at all the artistic zebra out there, I would have loved to decorate one! It must have been a fun time looking around at all the colorful, bright, and cute zebras!

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