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Despite the fact that this whole blog is about our family, I recently had the revelation that although I write about the things that we do, and the adventures we have, I never actually just write about us.  So here it is, Just Us Joneses – my way of recording who we are as a family and trying to be accountable to our virtual scrapbook of life.  And note, as I only just had this idea, there are only three mini Joneses photographed in this post as I didn’t think it through very carefully.

So this is May 2017, and where we are in our lives.  Just Us Joneses MayJensen is currently completely covered in spots from his encounter with Chickenpox.  Ideally he would spend his time playing Minecraft, watching FGTV on YouTube and trying to convince me that FNAF [Five Nights at Freddy’s] is suitable for him.  He’s very keen to behave himself at school, and then show us his newfound back-chatting skills at home.  After teaching year three for quite some time, I kind of saw this coming and am waiting for the tide to turn so that I can get my happy little boy back.  He has a couple of health issues that we’re working through, but he’s for the most part happy, healthy and growing like a weed [too big, too fast].

Yotie is enjoying school and playing with his new buddies.  He’s a boy’s boy as opposed to Jensen [who attracts the girls very easily] and has a little gang of about five or six boys that we’ve all clutched at our hearts over, after watching them play together at school.  Out of our three, he’s the most full of energy and dances continuously – probably because left to his own devices [read: when he gets up before us at the weekend] he tries to fuel himself on Twixes, Maltesers and pistachio nuts.  Minecraft is his favourite hobby, and bouncing on the trampoline.

Little Beans is nearly three!  Just over a month to go until our Threenager arrives and he’s still like a tiny baby to me.  Still sleeps next to me, still my Baby Beanie.  Currently looking very sad for himself with the ‘pox, his face is usually one very big, highly cheeky smile.  He has enormous character; his latest entertainment for us is singing a very odd little song about a boy called Johnny who is eating sugar and telling lies – or a nursery rhymes mash-up.  Hero is very tolerant of his brothers ignoring him to play Minecraft and enjoys getting on with his own “stuff” like cuddling Mommy [hooray] and pulling the heads off every Lego figure we have.  Just Us Joneses MayJust Us Joneses MayThe mister is still busy at work, still hasn’t gone back to Jiu Jitsu yet, and still has the biggest beard in the world despite my hints that it’s nearly summertime.  I even had a dream that he had shaved it off last night.  Haha.  He was previously keen to go and help train some other IBMers at Manchester but now I’m less happy for him to go there obviously.  Saying that, I’m off there again in September for BlogOn – and London for Britmums.  The world is scary right now for me as a parent.

And as for me, I’m off to zumba tonight to try and work off the huge bag of Maltesers that I should not just have eaten.  I’ve just gotten back from Germany where I was visiting Europa-Park for the opening of Voletarium, and in a couple of weeks I have a lovely bloggers’ retreat nearby in a beautiful location – with a pool!  I’m very lucky to have such understanding parents who are coming to take care of the boys whilst I’m away for the few days.  I actually managed to read a book [Big Little Lies] whilst travelling, and it was SO good.  I’m dreading getting back on the scales at Slimming World tomorrow though, after all of the yummy food I ate in Deutschland, at the Harborside Restaurant.  So far I’m 2 stone and 4.5 lbs down on my weight a year ago.

Just Us Joneses MayBlogwise, we are about to have a facelift!  I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, and am finally happy that I’ve found my “look”.  Hopefully it will be ready by the summer holidays, but it’s so pretty, and I’m so sure it’s the right look for us.  I’m finding my feet with YouTube and over here on our actual blog, I’ve been trying to plan more carefully to make sure that our posts come out regularly instead of me just working away crazily behind the scenes and then posting everything out in a haphazard manner.  I’ve got my presentation for BlogOn to write also – which is coming around so fast now!  I realise that I need to be more personal, which despite being a real-life oversharer, doesn’t come easily to me on here.  So bear with me. Haha. I’m trying.

And to finish the post off, here are some photos of those three Joneses, enjoying lunch last weekend when we wheeled the BBQ out in the rain for a few burgers and some corn.

Just Us Joneses MayJust Us Joneses MayJust Us Joneses MayJust Us Joneses May

Just Us Joneses MayJust Us Joneses May

Just Us Joneses May

The final of the Joneses from this post is hidden at the bottom.  Our first Chickenpox victim, poor Yotie was not happy to have them and even less happy to be the first back at school once healed.  Thankfully he didn’t have the worst case of them – it’s hard to tell whether Jensen or Hero are suffering the most, although as Lyoto’s skin is allergic to aloe vera [what an allergy to have], our poor little dragon hasn’t been able to enjoy the cooling mousse that the other two are plastering on like there’s no tomorrow.

Just Us Joneses MayNext time, hopefully ALL of us Joneses will be in the picture[s].  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh look at Yotie’s gorgeous grumpy face! Your food and al fresco dining look amazing – and your photos are so beautiful. What gorgeous boys you have! So lovely to have you linking up x

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