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Baby Hero’s first Valentine’s Day, and the biggest birthday month of our year is over.  The party is done.  Usually we feel a little bit like our balloons [deflated, not full of gas] but happily we now have another little life to celebrate in July with Baby Hero’s first birthday in Summer.  A Summer birthday!

Hero Hefin Casey Jones.  So what’s in a name – or in his name?  I get that email a lot.

The petals in the photograph aren’t rose petals.  They are the most delicate, sorbet pink tulips from the Wildflower Company [who taught me that tulips, not roses, are in season at the moment] but they’re still as precious as any rose.  Both different, both special, just like the names we give our little ones at birth.

Jensen was named at 5 months in utero.  

Our formula is Jensen [Ackles, Supernatural actor] + Indiana [Jones, yes, we know that’s the dog’s name – my husband loves Indy and even walked down the aisle in Disney World to the theme tune] and Jones.

Lyoto was named at 7 months in utero.  

He’s Lyoto [Machida, Brazilian/Japanese MMA fighter] + Elvis [we love Elvis] + Romeo [Born on Valentine’s Day] |+ Jones.

Hero we named a week before he was born.

I’d loved the name for the whole of my pregnancy and finally we decided on it.  He would have been Hiro but we decided we gave people enough trouble with Lyoto’s spelling.  So Hero it was.

Hero [Just because I like it, Greek or Japanese], Hefin [Welsh for Summer] Casey [Disney’s Dumbo Train – we found out we were pregnant the day before we left for Florida – although the mister likes this name because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles].

Deciding is difficult – and gets more challenging either because the more children you have, the fewer favourite names are left in your arsenal, or if you’re having just one child, you want the name to be everything you love about the world.  I read at least 3 books and leafed through thousands of baby names online. It was exhausting.

So, if you’re at an emotional stand-off over the name of your little one, try the Baby Name Genius app. Instead of leafing through and highlighting a million names you might vaguely like the sound of, the app takes account of your likes, dislikes and interests – and has some unique features like “born on the day” for inspiration.

What was the inspiration behind your little one’s name?

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  1. All of the girls in our family (on my mom's side) have a Japanese middle name by tradition. First names are usually American. One of my daughters is named after the Arch angel Gabriel and my second daughter was named because the syllables flowed and we just liked the name.

  2. Wow. That's a great way to find names for your little one. Many parents, I'm sure, read a lot of books and even go through movies to find good names. This one makes the process easier.

  3. I only picked one of the four names our children have… Crazy, right? I didn't particularly like my last child's name when I was expecting but his father's heart was set on it. Now that he's here, I love the name. 🙂

  4. Choosing names for your baby is hard and fun all at the same time. One of mine we had picked almost as soon as we found we were expecting and the other, not until he was born.

  5. Oh! I thought it was a nickname, to be honest 😛 (Hero)
    We have a Bear in this house, only that's not actually his name…haha, people hear me call him that so often that acquaintances of mine think that's my husband's actual name lol
    Very cool. I love all of them. We have a Cadira (Cah-dear-ah; it means "little ruler") in this house and that one throws people off. I love unique ones 🙂

  6. What a great name and I love the meaning behind it. We always had picked a few names at the beginning and towards the end of pregnancy had narrowed it down to one.

  7. Both my boyfriend and I already had names picked up for years, he had a boy's name and I had a girl's. We had a boy first and used that name he had and then we had another boy and just played around with names til we found something that fit. Korey and Kyler.

  8. I don't have any lil' ones that I've named, but my name is the female form of John, which is my Dad's name…so I like that connection because I'm definitely Daddy's lil' girl.

  9. I named my first born son Chace after an Art teacher from school named her son Chase. We used the ace in his name for number one. My other son we found his name in the phone book and I wanted it to be fairly uncommon so we named him Lance. I love the name and spelling of Hero.

  10. Wonderful names! I can't even imagine picking a name for my child. I have the most impossible situations with picking the names for characters in my novels, let alone for my kid 😀

  11. Omg those are some unique names! It's so hard picking names! My hubby and I had such opposite taste when it came to names that my daughter is Haylie since we couldn't agree on anything lol….

  12. Yes, it's not so easy to name our kids because all the grandparents and the uncles and aunts want to name the poor child after themselves. Them the couple havevto agree to theur own chooced too. Phew! 🙂

  13. I love hearing stories about how parents decided on their little ones' names! Picking names was one of the hardest things for us especially because we weren't finding out boy/girl until delivery. The girl name we agreed on right away at like 10 weeks. And the boy name went around and around until about a week before delivery. We decided on my maiden name for his first name and my husband's name as his middle name.

  14. All of ur names are family names, usually just the middle name though, we prayed and came up with first names long before they were born, maybe even before they were conceived. lol

  15. I wish we had an app when I had my kids. It would be easier. For my first, I used an actual baby name book. Names are definitely important.

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