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Prepare to pick your jaws from the floor – this weekend, I was out with friends!  Baby Hero and I packed our suitcase and with a teary goodbye from the boys and the mister, we were bound for Cardiff on the night train.  At the other end, the very lovely Debbie from An Organised Mess was there to collect us and take us to our hotel for the night, ready for Blog on Cymru [Wales]!
 After a restless night of waking every half hour, worrying I would over-sleep, I awoke to this…how can you feel miserable with a smile like that?
Traveling with Hero is so, so easy.  We enjoyed room service on the night time together and watched How I Met Your Mother re-runs, and then had a warm shower [hot showers burn little bottoms] together.  Hero sat merrily on the bed playing with bits and pieces whilst I tidied up and packed my case again, then we headed down to the lobby to wait for Debbie.
The photo below is the view from my hotel room, which, if you know me, you can imagine how I was feeling.  I’m like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman [without the fast car, millions of dollars, or the incidence of picking up Julia Roberts]. I do not do heights well.  I have a feeling that I need to throw myself from off and get the the ground as fast as possible.  So I stayed well back from the window.  Rest assured if I won the lottery, I would not be buying a penthouse.
We arrived at the conference and had a blast.  It was a small, welcoming and best of all, baby friendly.  I’m not sure Hero wanted to come home, and I am beyond grateful to everyone that offered to hold him or cuddle him for me whilst I managed to take part in different tasks [and visit the bathroom].
Hero enjoyed the workshop sessions and managed to eat a Welshcake, banana and tuna sandwich amongst other bits and pieces – although he’s still a bit miffed with Tired Mummy of Two for not letting him eat her chocolate cake.
Hero’s very favourite blogger, Debbie, was in charge of the panel questions and we enjoyed hearing everyone’s opinions and learning from others’ questions about the direction of their blogs and how they could improve.
We even had a question or two of our own!
Our last session of the day was a flat lay photography workshop with Capture by Lucy which was so much fun.  So unlike other photography workshops I’ve been to, this was an activity with props and we were like little ones in a candy shop.  There was so much to choose from – and to prove to my husband that the bits and pieces I collect for my own photos are necessary, I snapped a quick shot of some of the items from the workshop.

Blog on Cymru will be Blog on Winchester in October, and if it’s anything like this conference, we’re counting the days.  If you’re looking to experience your first blogging conference but a little shy, this is perfect – and the goody bag [which has already been ransacked by my children and husband] was out of this world fantastic.  I even managed to get a few things for myself, but my highlights were the Pink Parcel and the Mia Tui bag – it feels like Christmas!

At the beginning of the conference we were asked what we wanted to get out of it, and I succeeded.  I met the beautiful people behind the little avatars I see every day.  The Boy and Me, Bug, Bird and Bee, and so many more.  Everyone was lovely, and the organisers were so welcoming, it felt like having friends over at home.

Thank you ladies, we’ll see you in October!

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