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I’m quite literally chasing my tail up until Christmas – but I can’t forget to recap on the wonderful, fabulous international extravaganza that was E-Fluent 5.  You might remember [just in case I haven’t  mentioned it to everyone that I’ve ever known] that I was lucky enough to be one of 15 bloggers hand selected to attend the parent blogging conference in Paris.

So, after a cup of Costa’s Christmas hot chocolate in a very empty Southampton Airport, I embarked upon an even more sparsely populated airplane for a very relaxing flight to Charles De Gaulle, where I was met by a beaming Sana from Parole Des Mamans, the French publishing house responsible for the conference and the very kind invite.  Being one of 12 British bloggers attending the Paris meet up, I was excited to see what the three days held for us all.  We headed out to the taxi and were scooted off to the hotel, which was beautiful and very close to the Louvre.

E-Fluent 5 Parole des mamansAs soon as I’d arrived and unpacked, I was called to have my hair and makeup done, in readiness for a dinner gala on the Seine.  After the pampering and then drinking tea with my roommate Aby, we headed to the lounge to drink cocktails [so good, so expensive] and then board the coach to the gala.  Dancing and mingling with everyone as I sailed my way past the highlights and landmarks of Paris quite took my breath away.  There’s nothing that can compare to seeing the Tour Eiffel all lit up and sparkling.  I had an amazing time in Paris with bloggers that I’ve known online for quite some time but never met in person – and the whole experience was just brilliant.  Instead of posting the same photos of the locations that we all snapped throughout our three days, that you can see on the other blogs, I’ve put together a little video of what I got up to.

I’m so grateful to the whole Parole Des Mamans E-Fluent team for inviting me.  It was an eye opening experience to blogging life in other countries and just wonderful to have the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people and brands.

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  1. This was such an interesting video. I have been considering blogging for a while, I love your style and I hope that one day I’ll be able to do something along these lines too. I was especially interested to hear that you had a talk about how Brexit would affect bloggers, it’s not something I’d even considered.

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