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I’ve always loved the idea of camping with my boys – and being a huge fan of our beautiful part of the world in the South of England, I was beyond delighted when we were invited to take a little break from real life and hop aboard the ferry to stay with Away Resorts at Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight is special to me not only because it’s a mini island that I used to love visiting as a child, but also because my godmother has made it her home for the past 25 years or so – and so our first port of call after quite literally stepping two minutes away from the docks was to her house in East Cowes to stretch our legs and enjoy a cup of tea in her beautiful garden.  After a catch up over Tetley and as the boys explored every part of the garden and outhouses, we headed off again in the direction of our holiday accommodation, a new TriBeCa holiday home.

Check in was fast and within ten minutes of arriving we were unlocking the door to our New York loft style apartment on a campsite.  I’ve never had my breath taken away by what the boys determined was still a caravan [has wheels, can be towed] before, but the TriBeCa is so unique, and such a luxury if you’re used to canvas or a 1980’s caravan as we were!  We’ve been glamping before, but this was a whole new level of wow.

Our adventures on the Isle of Wight are still largely unblogged due to dad being poorly and the ba-squillion photographs I took of our time on the Island that need to be edited, but for now here’s a little tour of the TriBeCa.  If you’re searching for somewhere really special to stay with something to do every day that’s different to the next but just as amazing, this is absolutely the place for you.  The staff are warm and welcoming, the grounds are impeccably clean and maintained, and the view from the clifftop is nearly as brilliant as the dinosaur-fossil infused rocks beneath your feet. It’s brilliant.

The TriBeCa sleeps five very comfortably – in a main bedroom at one end of the home and a children’s room with three very special bunkbeds at the other.  There are two toilets, one of them with a shower, and a stand alone bath sits in a gorgeous corner of the bedroom with its’ own TV mounted to the wall behind a mirror.  The kitchen opens onto a terrace…and at the foot of that terrace lies a big, bubbly hot tub.  It’s heavenly.  I wish we had stayed for two weeks instead of one. Haha.

There are USB charging ports [which I have never, ever seen before in any place we’ve stayed] and the biggest refrigerator I’ve ever used.  I fell in love with the bedroom decor – blue and green – as soon as I opened the bedroom door, and the boys would happily have hibernated in their bedroom for the whole week and only resurfaced for food quite happily.

The layout of the Whirecliff Bay site itself is very clever – each way that I looked between the rows of vans and homes, tents and trailers, I could see green landscape – it feels open and spacious, and despite the pools being on a seperate site across the road from our site, it only takes three or four minutes to walk thanks to the non-restrictive layout.  The main site has a club for entertainment and an arcade, a larger shop than the second site, two pools [indoor and outdoor, we tried both] and a range of activities to try. We enjoyed mini-golf and ate at the Nab bar on our first night on site, which was so delicious that I wished I hadn’t filled our trolley up at Tesco with food!

Our boys had a fantastic time at the playgrounds on the site – little wooden forts and a huge wooden boat like construction with seagulls to pretend to ride on the main site, and a fortress on our side of the road.  Everywhere was peaceful, family friendly, and fun.

We were absolutely delighted to stay with Away Resorts at Whitecliff Bay and are looking forward to sharing our adventures on here, Instagram and YouTube over the summer.  If you’re thinking of staying in the UK this year, please do check the m out – it’s a [much more fabulous] home away from home!  Here are our favourite photos from in and around the tribeca – and please take a peep on our YouTube channel for our Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park video too!


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