Jensen, Lyoto and Violet go to Thomas Land! (Part 2)

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Continued from our first post, here is part two!

So, we headed off in search of the zoo and some lunch.

Violet and “Baby” were still hand-in-hand.  So cute.

We decided to picnic just outside the zoo and had a whole area to ourselves.  Granny had made a picnic for us and Jensen was very excited by this point.  He took a bite from every sandwich Granny had made for him.

Vi was happy, posing with her own fork which she apparently takes everywhere.  I never saw her fork anything though. I think it might be a weapon instead.

Even though he wasn’t eating, Lyoto seemed content to watch what was happening.

Grandad tried being funny and hiding behind his sandwich.  Just so you know this isn’t my bad photography again.

After we had eaten, a family of geese and their babies wandered in. Possibly the most peculiar and ungrateful geese ever since they munched and then hissed, munched and hissed again.  Nevertheless, they seemed to enjoy the crumbs they were given.



After the hissing, I made sure that Jensen and Violet stayed well out of beak’s reach.  The geese kept coming close to them but I shooed them away.

A mallard came over to talk to Jensen instead which he was impressed with.

After lunch (and a latte for me!) we packed up and headed to the zoo.

First stop was the meerkats and a little robin who was perched in the enclosure too.

Auntie was peeking at the Meerkats with them.  I don’t think she could get up after this.


Next we made a detour into the reptile house. Ohhh, how I love these normally, but this one was really well laid out.  Usually we are all squished in them but there was plenty of space to roam around.

Of course my first born found a croc. A dwarf caiman.  I think he was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t of Tic Toc’s stature, but it was a croc nonetheless.


We wandered around, checking out the various snakes and lizards, even spotting an “Ignatius” (‘Natious) and some very big spiders.


Violet loved ‘Natius aswell.  He’s a naughty lizard.

After the reptilian adventure, we headed to the monkeys and the penguins…  Granny liked the monkeys.


The penguins were all looking the other way!  As Grandad pointed out, whatever was coming, was coming over that fence;)


Jensen told me that the penguins were ‘tinky (stinky).  So they were.

Next up was the tiger cage.  Yes, that is Grandad, holding my boy, tapping the glass at a tiger who just used a tree to sharpen his claws. O_o


Gorgeous.  I love watching tigers.  I spent so long in Jungala watching the white Siberian tigers at Busch Gardens on our honeymoon.  They are so breathtakingly beautiful.

Finally, whilst I fed Lyoto, everyone else took a tour of the talking birds.  Jensen and Violet were enthralled to talk to a bird.


Look at my poorly boy 🙁

The rides were closing now and after a quick trip to the grown-up water rides with Granny and Auntie when J-Indy had fallen asleep, I headed to the shop to get Jensen an Violet a little gift from Thomas.  By the time I had finished my Thomas retail therapy, I returned to find this:

and then it was time to go….

A brilliant day 🙂

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