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After talking about it for two weeks, our day to visit Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo arrived!

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A few shots of the “Main Train”…

Jensen has seen a handful of episodes, enough to recognise Thomas in any case….and after I sang the theme tune about a hundred times, he was pretty pepped up and in love with him.

A little while after we met these jolly folks…. The Fat and Thin Controllers!  They said we had a lovely family, and Jensen got to d some manly hand shaking.

Cousin Violet wasn’t so keen on them and toddled away with “Baby” (her name for Jensen) to the carousel.

Momma got on with Baby Lyoto and his poorly burned face.

Auntie got crammed into a train of Jensen’s choice 😉

Granny and Vi went open-topped too.

Momma had to go and feed a hungry little dragon and so Granny and Jensen took a spin in the juddery cars.

As the park was quite empty we went for a little wander and whilst Grandad had some coffee, Jensen played with the ducks.  Some children chase them; Jensen wants to be with them.

Some tasty water for Jensen!

Followed by some duck herding.

After a little word with Mrs. Duck, we were off again.

First stop was…

Jensen Indiana takes flying very seriously.

This was the best smile we could muster.

The view from the ‘copter!

After we landed, poorly Baby Lyoto (now with impetigo unbeknown to me) was waiting for us.

We met some train heads…

Then Jensen spotted a ride he was determined to get on.  Momma liked the look of it too.

Our little adventurer is a thrill seeker!

Grandad decided he needed to be airborne too 🙂

Yes, little chance of a wave again…

Next was another carousel.  Grandad was on a roll.

A bystander remarked at how fast Jensen runs!  He does move for a little one 😉

We checked out our height in hopes we can get on the George’s Dinosaur ride this Summer.  Dude, I am desperate to have a go on that.

Then it was time to board Thomas to the other end of the park!

Our little Dragon had a nap on the trip.

My sister was eyeing-up the bottom of some painter 😉

…and our little adventurer was spotting animals in the surrounding zoo!

We passed some of Tidmouth Sheds’ finest…

…and just before we arrived at the station, someone woke up!

Rosie was at the station so we tried to get our photo taken but someone couldn’t stop looking at the engine!

When we disembarked, there were ducks to look at.  Violet and “Baby” looked so cute together, watching them.

Within seconds of arriving, Jensen discovered that there was a playground and set off in hot pursuit of some clambering around.

I’m so proud that he encouraged his cousin to try it all out.  “You can DOOO it!” was all I could hear.

Jensen was faster than me (as usual) and all I could hear were small footsteps going as fast as they could overhead. Luckily he’s also a very smart boy and so I have few worries about him, so long as I can see him.


After about 30 minutes of leaping, swinging and sliding, it was time for lunch…more coming soon!

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