Hallowe’en Roundup: Tulley’s Farm Festival

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Still catching up whilst simultaneously furiously hatching plans for Christmas, here’s more of our Hallowe’en fun this year at Tulley’s Farm.

I could come up with a whole list of boring excuses including a little bit of blog burnout, a lot of germs and so on, but let’s not go there. Let’s just say that life got in the way….and that we were busy having a whole lot of fun over Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night.

After much research on the most fun to be had in the South of England, we headed off to Tulley’s Farm for their Hallowe’en Festival, and here’s what happened…

We arrived and managed after three attempts to bank the car on the mud, wellied-up Jensen, bundled up both boys (and still had to return to the car for more jumpers ten minutes later) and headed through more mud to the farm.  We were handed a ticket with the attractions listed and off we tottered to get stuck in.

The Haunted House Maze

I don’t think that I could be any prouder of our Little Adventurer during this attraction.  In a labyrinth of darkness, he confidently made his way through the rooms, playing in the inky black ball pit and forcing his way through inflated tunnels and spinning pathways to find the exit.  Slightly bemused by screaming children on the way I should add.   



Baby Dragon enjoyed the parts he could walk through….


I enjoyed the tunnel I nearly fell over in…


After the house, we decided (as it was shutting down with rain) that I should go out into the torrential downpour to buy some overpriced burgers to  get some lunch.


Someone wanted to get their hands on Dadda’s burger…

We enjoyed a puppet show with two Welsh puppets…



I think Dadda enjoyed it too 😉



Baby Dragon? He wasn’t that fussed.  He was just sad that the burger was gone.

After the downpour and lunch, we set off to explore the farm…


The Corn “Maize”

The poor, poor corn had taken a real beating this year, like most crops in the UK.  Saying that, it obviously did much better than ours which in effect failed to launch this year due to the awful weather here in England.  So my visions of us wandering through a straw-lined path through a field of golden corn were as far from reality as I could get (besides our corn, obviously).

Despite that, we had some sludgy fun as Dadda we hunted the maze for ghosties with numbers to complete the trail.





The witch crashed into the pumpkin.  Silly old witch.

“I found one!”  Jensen had to find them when he could as Dadda had decided this was his own special mission and ran on ahead, refusing to show us who was missing from the checklist. I told him I was glad he wasn’t in my group at school.

Dadda, standing a safe distance from me, with clipboard.




Our Little Adventurer managed to find the last number, and a new friend…

Then Dadda was happy. Exceedingly so.

Jensen was happier still when he found out he could get a little prize…. He chose a dragonfly in goop.

The Horrible Hayride

Sadly for my blog, they did not allow photography on the hayride.  It was so much fun though.  Towed by a monstrous tractor through the farmlands, various actors hopped on and off the hayride to entertain us. Jensen loved Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and the crazy pirate the best.  All we have are photos from the queue though, sorry.



After our jaunt across English countryside, we were pretty cold.  We decided a few little stops were in order and then it was home.

We took a peep at the singing chickens and friends…


Then we discovered a warm retreat, The Boo Barn.




Momma and Jensen loved the warm, and hunting for squeaking rats.


Soon it was time to head back to the car, but before we did, we met the highlight of Jensen’s day.

A dragon. A baby dragon.


I’m highly grateful that we met the dragons at the end of the day and not the beginning as I fear we may have had to follow them for the duration of our visit, like crazy stalkers.


Thankfully, one hot chocolate later and we were ready to leave. I had my kindling wood for Bonfire Night, Jensen had a photo of a dragon and we were all happy.

Homeward bound!


Happy Hallowe’en, everyone.

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