Birdworld Nostalgia (Part II)

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So I nearly forgot to publish this post!

Here we go, back to Birdworld again…

Jensen was convinced that the eggs were about to hatch and waited patiently for signs of a crack…for about two minutes, then we were off to see other birds…until we fell over.

Despite insisting I was fussing (“Stop fussing, Momma!” is what I hear a great deal of lately) I got Jensen to show me his boo boo knee (apparently Captain Hook has boo boo knees too) and look sad.  I wanted to give him kisses and cuddles, he wanted me to get out of his way so he could go running with Miss Violet (as he calls her) again.
We stopped to look at Owls.  Big white ones like Hedwig.  Jensen had no idea who Hedwig was but he knew “Owl” from the Gruffalo.  He told him what his favourite food was… Owl ice cream.  The owl did not look bothered sadly.  “He is brave!” said Jensen, astounded.


A little further on we came to more metal sculptures.  This one we decided was a tick.  Eww.  The terrible two set about giving him some love and pats.

Jensen found “Mitter Kinnywegs” and told everyone it was okay, nothing to be scared of.
I got all excited to see the toucan house again, only to find that there are no toucans in there.  Jensen was sad on my behalf.  Poor Momma.


A little later and it was time for lunch…


Momma and Lyoto got the floor whilst the rest of the family occupied the picnic tables…

The “terrible two” ran around, Violet sporting her big sister’s hoodie and looking something akin to a small dementor.


We got a shot of Chase’s hair before it was gone in time for school.  Farewell blue locks.  I wish I had had the courage to do that when I was younger ~ pillar box red was the bravest I got.

So Baby Dragon and I are eating our lunch and the birds start to get a little brave…




Pom Bear, anyone?

Someone enjoyed his lunch!



Lunch eaten, we headed back out on the trail.  Jensen Indiana found a hedgehog house and was very impressed indeed.  A little downhearted that the hedgehog in the box was fake, but impressed nonetheless.


There were windy woodland walks…

…and even some time for a bit of twitching for Kingfishers!

After a little rock climbing,

Momma got a cuddle with her Little Adventurer (Yes, that is our bestest-best smile there)!

We headed on over to the playground for some ice cream, and Baby Dragon decided to investigate his oldest cousin’s beautiful blue barnet 😉

The terrible two enjoyed the playground together…

…and we failed miserably at getting a group shot.


On our way out we stopped to see the King penguins again.  There were some nosey penguins there!

The terrible two were picking out which was their favourite.

Birdworld was over, but that wasn’t the end of our trip. Oh no.  We still had some paddling to do in the river.

The cramp-inducing river.

A good measure of  how cold the water actually was is the fact that Jensen refused to stand in it.  Of course, he wanted Momma to stand in it and carry him, but he was not putting his own tootsies in there.  He lasted about 20 seconds with his cousin, learning to use his net, and that was it.

As soon as the water went over the top of his wellies, he was out of there.

So, poor Momma had to get into the river for a photo.  If you look closely, you can see my face contorted in pain as I’m screaming something a little less polite yet along the same lines as, “please take my photo, Mummy” at my Mother who was snickering to herself on the warm, grassy bank along with the other three adults who were refusing to get into the water.

The children of the family, were welly-booted up and insulated from the pain of the cold.  I was wearing Crocs.

My sister, sat smirking on the bank.

See that smile? That’s called endurance. After around 6 minutes, I began to acclimatise.

After a while I even started to have fun!

Then it was time to pack up and head home, another memory collected.

Oh Bourton on the Water, how I’ve missed you.

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