Lapland UK 2012…(Part Two: The Toy Workshop)

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After a decent amount of husky howling, we made our way to the doors of the elves’ Toy Factory.  Our Saami told us that we would be helping out with the toy making today, and after a little song, the children were invited to knock on the door.

Our team name was displayed proudly ~ the other team is Reindeer.

We were led in by the elves and found a seat.  Baby Dragon was very happy indeed.

After a telephone call to Father Christmas by the elves, we soon had a mission.  Bear making!  Our basket of blond bear carcass was delivered to us and we set about making it up; Jensen reminded us that we needed to give the heart a little squeeze and cuddle before putting it into the bear’s chest cavity.  So sweet.


I’m not sure if he was planning on leaving the country, but Baby Dragon was intent on stealing the elf passports.

Momma tried to help with the bear making, and some helpful elves joined in, too.

Our passport was checked whilst Lyoto kept a very close eye on it.  There was no letting that out of his sight.


Just hand me the passport, Conker, and no one gets hurt!

Our Little Adventurer had about made his…

…but poor Momma needed help.  There was a leg stuffer missing!

Please, Mr. Elf, I need some help!


Yeah, that’s my momma. She needs help.
Thanks, buddy!

Baby Dragon thanked Conker for the help whilst Jensen was busy dressing his bear.

Soon it was time to load up Father Christmas’ sack with the bears…

Poor Conker.  Father Christmas’ health and safety when lifting needs a little revision….

We sang the Elf Song, which amazingly Jensen managed to remember all of the words to by the second time around, and we headed off again….

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