New Year’s Day 2013….

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…looked a little like this. Baby Dragon was miserable with cold and our Little Adventurer had cabin fever, so we bundled up (five layers) and headed to the park.  It was balance bike time!  Thank you, Granny and Grandad!

It’s hard to get smiles on camera from Jensen usually, but we’ve recently found a way.  I won’t say exactly what it is, let’s just say this kind of humour generally works with little boys…. *Sigh*

After dark, which came pretty swiftly after 4.30,we prepared our New Year lanterns.

We released them, gazing into the twilight wistfully as the lanterns (thankfully) drifted high above the trees and we made New Year wishes for our little family.  Our new tradition, chosen by Jensen (after watching Fireman Sam) was perfect.

So, after I could no longer feel my toes, and before anyone could call the police to report us for interfering with the local airspace (or worse), we headed home and my boys made our first homemade pizza…. Snowman style.

Baby Dragon is into pointing at the moment.  Pointing and shouting.



He was so delicious with his blueberry “sports candy” mouth and orange pepper nose.  I’m not sure we’ll buy takeaway pizza ever again.

Even though Baby Dragon was up all night with the most miserable of colds, and I’ve only as a result had two precious hours’ sleep, I feel so warmly contented and lit up inside.  I’m one lucky Momma.  Happy New Year, 2013.

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    1. Thanks! I had no hand in the pizza other than the nose and eyes, so I can't take any credit! Ohhh, so loud. Ten months and he needs no loudhaler… We also "enjoy" clapping and shouting too 😉

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