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After becoming the parents of two very beautiful boys [our huskies] in 2000, fireworks were removed from our annual calendar. Terrified of the huge bangs and whoops, and flashing lights in the sky, each Bonfire Night we sat at home cuddling our shaking Excalibur as he cowered in the kitchen or tried to flee to safety, so bad his fear of fireworks was.  Casanova never bothered that much, but he wasn’t fond of them.  Excalibur was hit by a misguided rocket one year as we did our evening walk and carrying a husky home like a baby with another on the lead, pulling me like a freight train wasn’t that much fun.  So we took a break from fireworks.

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I’d completely forgotten the magic of a firework display – and when we were invited to Drayton Manor’s firework display as part of the Drayton Manor Park ambassadorship programme, Gavin and the boys were keen, but I really didn’t care.  Even whilst we were in the park this evening before the show started, I thought maybe I could go on a ride with a small queue whilst everyone was watching the show.

After having quite a bit of Star Wars fun which was wayyy beyond our expectations [see our post later this week – at the moment I’m tired and getting ready to head to bed before a 6am wake up for Brick Live tomorrow at the NEC] somehow it was already 7pm and we crawled through the crowds to a pretty free area by the side of the hot dog stand, and the show began.

As soon as the music came on, and the Star Wars theme filled the air, I was as captivated as my mini Darth Vader, Darth Maul and little Ewok who stared open mouthed at the sky, lightsabers in hands as the explosions began.  They were beautiful – set to a Star Wars score with lights and strobes dancing across the sky as they told the story of the battle beyond the stars.  After around 15-20 minutes the show ended and we just looked at each other smiling.  Our first firework show together.  I’m so exhausted from this week that I can’t tell you just how fantastic it was – and so I’ll save that for another post.  I’m off to bed now, but here are some of the big bangs in the sky that made tonight just so perfect.  There are some amazing, vantage point-perfect photographs available to us but we’ve decided to bring you our view from the ground – the one you can enjoy too, if you book quickly enough!

firework007 firework-004 firework001 firework003 firework-002The Star Wars Firework and Laser Show features at Drayton Manor from tonight until 30th October and you can pre-book   online.  To read more about it and book, click here:  If you’re looking for the perfect, family friendly and fun night to celebrate Bonfire Night [and Star Wars – you can watch The Force Awakens at their outdoor cinema by VertiGo], this is it.

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