The Horror House of Easter Treats 2012 Revisited

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So I was sorting through my photos today at naptime and I realised
that I had completely missed posting about our goings-on in our
household at Easter time!

Our house was a mess, things
weren’t perfect and we were still learning to be a family of 6, and so
things weren’t as perfect or beautiful as I would have liked…but this
morning Daddy tells me that last night, Jensen asked him if he
remembered Easter, when the bunny came and left white footprints all
over the floor and little presents!

I felt all flushed with pride. I did something memorable for my little adventurer!

Therefore, in order to be able to look back next year, here is what went on in our house this year, 2012…

Easter Treats 

So here we are, the parade of shame….  Next Easter we’ll get it to look a little more presentable.  We had fun though 😉

The “Easter Sunshine Lemon Cake”.  Yes.  It may look ugly but Jensen LOOOOVED it.  He loved that he helped make it and he even KISSED it and proclaimed, “because I love it SO much!”

The carrot cake.  An even coverage of frosting and nuts is for fools.

Whoopie pies!  Ours got “blinged” by Jensen.  Nearly the whole of each pie was sprinklified.  These are the “rescued two”.

Bunny Bait Popcorn. This was by far our prettiest Easter treat.

Easter nests.  These looked cute but tasted awful.  Just goes to show ~ that ugly cake at the top was dee-ricious (as our chief cake tester would say).


The 250 Jelly Bean Bunny Bark.  Ohhh.My.Life.  I made some with Jensen…

…and then Jensen wanted to make some more.  So, I melted the chocolate, got the beans ready and laid them on the table for Dadda and Jensen.  I took Baby Dragon from Dadda, turned around and SOMEONE ~ someone small, cute and blond, poured in nearly 250 beans, right in front of our eyes.  There was no way to stop him and our jaws must have made quite a sound dropping. “Done it!”  he exclaimed.  Indeed you did, Jensen Indiana.  He then proceeded to stir the beans in. *Cry* Again, it was tasty.  Just ugleeee.

I wonder what horrors delights next year will bring? Our baking
will improve I hope.  This year we had genuine help in the kitchen from
Jensen and these treats were baked with
love.  I am pretty sure that by the age of four, Jensen will be able
to bake cupcakes with no help and with no instruction, he bakes that
often 😉

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