Jubilee Celebrations…

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Her Majesty’s  Diamond  Jubilee! The Jones Family were ready.  So ready.

The boys even had special shirts, ready for the occasion!

So what did we do?  I’m still editing photos, but we had fun.

We picnicked on our green and pleasant land!  For our Jubilee picnic we packed tea sandwiches, strawberries, scones with butter and jam and sausage rolls, with Twinings tea (Jubilee Blend) for us grown ups and fresh fruit smoothies and water for Jensen Indiana.  We might not have been in London, but we celebrated just as much…except we were less crushed by thousands of people and the air was cleaner, and Jensen could run around. 🙂

At home we made special Jubilee cupcakes (and drank more tea) and watched every bit of BBC coverage there was.  It was splendid.  Although without doubt Jensen and Lyoto will be unable to remember Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, I’m so glad they got to celebrate a part of their history being made and in years to come, they’ll be able to look back at the photographs we took and know that they saw it with their own eyes, and celebrated.  If there’s one lesson I want to teach my boys, it’s that this is what life is meant for.

Whether you’re 2 years old and calling your Queen a ratbag in between fits of giggles or 3 months old and trying to chew your Dadda’s finger, shrieking with joy at the top of your lungs like a velociraptor whilst getting cuddles because your teething hurts, life is for living, not just existing.  And childhoods should be full of magical memories like this.

God Save Our Queen!

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  1. This is so wonderfully sweet!

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