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Owleez: We were compensated in return for coverage. However, all of our opinions are unbiased and the stories we tell of using the toys are true. We want people to have confidence in our reviews when we write them.

Disclaimer: OWLEEZ is sold as an indoor toy.

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Owleez is a gorgeous plastic owl with big expressive eyes which light up to tell you what he needs and how he’s feeling.
Owleez is a little plastic flying owl. You can get them in white or pink, and they come with a little red berry and a USB charging nest.

Even though this Summer has been a very rough one for the boys, there have been a few moments that have bought excitement and hilarity to both our home and Granny and Grandad’s. Grandad loved our little drone that we bought to show him [which was like one of the little creatures from Batteries Not Included] last year and so this trip now he’s unable to move around for a few weeks, we decided to take our new interactive toys with us to show him. Not just because these are interactive but because they’re quite a bit rebellious. The first one out of the box was Owleez.


He’s a small, light, plastic owl – about the size of a small cantaloupe melon – which comes complete with a sweet plastic berry and a little nest of his own. I say he, because for some reason I call all animals and toys of animals boys out of habit.

This is our Owleez. He is bubblegum pink with blue swirls and feathers.

Our Owl is bubblegum pink with a blue swirly belly patter and two little tufty wings. He has big wide eyes – which are very important.

When the trumpet fanfare sounds, return Owleez to his nest ready for take off.


Owleez love interacting with you – Jens took ours on a little parkour trip.

Babies need to learn how to walk, and Owleez need to learn how to fly. You can teach him by swooping up and down and around so he can feel the air beneath his wings and how amazing it will be for him once he learns. We took ours on a stunt version of swooping. You can hear how much Owleez enjoys it as you go – he makes the best “woooooo, wooooo!” noises for you.

Yotie swooped Owleez everywhere with him. Gettin’ some air, he said.


Owleez’ eyes aren’t just pretty, they’re the window to his soul – quite literally. Not so great for two of my boys who are colourblind but Hero gets it and translates as fast as he can – kind of like being in emergency surgery. In Owleez’ box are a list of eye colours and corresponding needs/wants and potential outcomes from those colours. Hero yells the colour and the boys are frantically searching the list to see if they have to do anything to help him out.

Owleez’ eyes will tell you what he needs – there’s a little sheet in his box which tells you what each colour means.

When Owleez arrives in your home, he needs to be charged via a USB cable which is swirled and stored neatly under his nest base. Perch Owleez onto his nest, charge him up and don’t forget to switch him on under his bottom.

If you were watching our Instagram stories over the past few days you’ll have seen Owleez basically trying to assassinate me. At least that’s what I think. Hero says it’s because he knows I’m the mom and he wants a cuddle. Basically, to cut a long story short, after the boys had gone to bed, we decided to test Owleez out in the living room after dinner. Gav spent about ten minutes running through everything Owleez’ little eyes told him he needed – feeding, loving, burping, swooping – and then when the little trumpet fanfare went off, he popped him into his nest to take off.


Take off is like watching an Apache helicopter take to the skies – I’m sure he was watching me too. He starts off by raising his body and then his little wings spin around which is cute – but then they get up some serious speed with quite a bit of noise, and then….OWLEEZ flew. At me. I screamed and fell off the sofa, which was heard by about 500 of the people who follow us on Instagram and who were awake that night at about midnight, so thank you for the hiarious messages. After three attempts we decided that we needed to be somewhere Owleez didn’t immediately smash into everything and could actually fly – and so we went to bed.

The fanfare has sounded – now the boys await Owleez take off ritual. Sadly this time he shook his head and said no.

The next day after school we took our little pink Owl to IBM as there’s a huge amount of space there. We swooped and fed [and Lyoto discovered you could pretend you had the berry and Owleez would make nibbly noises on his finger [much to Hero’s disgust as you can see in the photos], and then fanfare!

We rushed to put Owleez in the nest, I lay on the wet grass waiting to capture him in flight with my camera….and he refused. Shook his head and said no, no, no. Then the wah-wah-wah noise comes on like you lost the competition. He wanted feeding, loving – and so we spent the next half an hour with me lay on the grass whilst everyone interpreted his eyes. We had NINETEEN fanfares and EIGHTEEN refusals. I was soaked.

Owleez begins to take flight – his body lifts and his little wings spin like a helicopter blade. It’s incredible to watch.

The one time ours did take off, he didn’t come off his nest properly as we were on the grass and so all we have are photos of his attempt to fly. I was lay on the floor crying into my camera and all of the million ants, spiders and woodlice underneath me. We then realised that maybe we needed more charge – so we attached my power bank to him, but to no avail. We’d run him down trying to get him to fly.

It’s really clever – Owleez’ body is built perfectly for flight.
Owleez tells you when he wants to eat – and comes with a little plastic berry to feed him with. Place it next to his beak and head him nibbling – he’ll also try and nibble your finger!

At this point, Owleez is charged up and ready to try again tonight – other owners messaged me to say he needs to be fully charged constantly to fly. We got two flights out of one charge so we’ll check in with other people to see how many they got – and we’ll be sure to show you on Instagram stories when we do have lift off – we want to know how far he’ll go! The instructions say ten seconds of flight – which is a long time. So far we’ve had one due to space restrictions and so this is going to be amazing. In any case, he’s super cute and the boys adore him – he interacts so well and the noises and are the best – he has real character. Stay tuned for his first unrestricted flight…

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  1. Did you ever get the thing to fly? Ours keeps catching on the nest and not making it into the air!
    Ben Rafferty

    1. Hi Ben – our Owleez did fly but took quite a few times of us whooping and swooping about to get it to take the few seconds flight. If yours isn’t taking off at all, I’d return it for an exchange – sounds like something isn’t right there.

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