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So this week we’ve been indoors, as everyone has the lurgy except me – I’m trying to stay well for our break this weekend.  We’ve been still chasing our tails but having fun and trying out the Tonka Emergency Vehicles.  Hero is so into his cars right now that as soon as they arrived, he was clapping and jumping up and down.

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The Tonka Emergency Vehicles set contains three die cast toys and two little traffic cones made of plastic.  The set retails for around £10 and would make a brilliant stocking gift in terms of price and best of all, three little cars do not take up half of your living room!

That they do not break – or at least, they have not yet!  The boys have pretty much reenacted the Dukes of Hazard type leaps from the top of the stairs [much to my dismay] and they are still intact.

The little cones in the pack – they give the boys an instant play scene – and they love having extra props.

How the colours are actual replica colours of our UK emergency vehicles – that makes such a refreshing change and the boys LOVE that they have “real” cars.

There was less plastic on them.  For a die cast toy, there is an awful lot of plastic.  As a result they feel quite light, and as a parent, light generally feels cheap, which is a shame.

The plastic parts were smoother.  The lights on the ambulance have a burr on them – and have scratched and caught on Hero’s skin slightly and so the ambulance is now called the naughty ambulance!

That the doors opened. I remember as a little girl that the best cars had opening doors or a lifting bonnet. Attention to detail with little toys like this goes a long way.

Tonka Emergency Vehicles

Hero has added the emergency vehicles to his little group of prized cars – we hope that Father Christmas is kind and pops some in your little one’s sack too!

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