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One of the biggest toy groups in our home is Brio.  We have SO much Brio that we can actually build a track around the core of my in-law’s house, and loop the trains.  We have oodles of Brio and that’s for a good reason; we love it.  Usually the boys complete tracks and see how many trains they can push around in one go, or they use other little toys in the monorails and the like to create whole new worlds.  This week though, it got serious.  Brio Smart Tech toys arrived with the postman.  They’re amazing fun and made Hero’s little jaw drop.  He’s now even more protective over his Brio collection – now it has tek-molo-gree [technology to you and I].

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Brio Smart Tech

Brio Smart Tech

Two parcels arrived for us to review – the Brio Smart Tech Washing Station and a Brio Smart Tech Engine with Action Tunnels.

Brio Say: “Smart tech is the new train technology from Brio!  Simply press go on the engine and set up the smart tech arches around the track. The engine will automatically detect each arch and do exactly what is shown. It could stop, start, go slow, turn on the lights or make a sound”.

Brio Smart Tech Washing Station

“All trains need a good wash now and then. Especially after traveling through the magical world you have built. The rollers roll and the train moves by itself as the sound of water and bubbles comes from the station. Soon the train will be shiny again!”

The box contains:

1x figure and 1x train wash station

Brio Smart Tech Engine with Action Tunnels

Brio says: “Choo-choo! the locomotives are more alive than ever. Depending on the tunnels, the engine will stop, back up or blink its lights. The engine with action tunnels starter kit is based on interactive smart technology that sets you off on your travels, and you are the decision maker!”

The box contains:  1x smart engine and 2x smart tunnels.

Brio Smart Tech Toys

The boys set up a little world in the corner of the conservatory at Nanny and Grandad’s and life in Brioland was very relaxed as the new train showed off as it explored.  There were a few squabbles over who controlled the Smart Train, but overall they were just amazed – especially when the train reversed!

Brio Smart Tech

Brio Smart Tech

That our Brio collection has been completely transformed with the new technology – it fits on any of the track sets and integrates brilliantly.  All you need to do is add one Brio Smart Tech train to your set then, and you’re away!

That wherever the train is, it does what the tunnels tell it to do!  That made the boys really consider where they needed to put them, and what would happen if they put them in particular locations around the track.

The bubbly noises from the washing station – this was a huge hit with the boys [and me]!  There’s nothing like a cool sound effect!

Brio Smart Tech

That the batteries aren’t included.  I know why, and I understand – it just so frustrating to have to go and find the screwdriver, the batteries, whilst having someone small and annoyed letting you know about it.

Brio Smart TechBrio Smart Tech

The Brio Smart Tech toys are a fantastic development in the world of Brio trains.  Our boys have always loved playing with their train sets, but this has made is so much more exciting for them, and added a planning element to building tracks as they now need to think about where to put the tunnels and how to construct little jouneys that will work with the technology they now have.  Whereas I was worried Jensen was about to grow out of train sets, this has really drawn him back in.  It’s just brilliant and we’re delighted to have reviewed it.

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