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Our doorway is the place in our home which is used the most and cared for the least.  We’ve been in the same home for 18 years now [even Yotie asks when we’re moving and can he have a goldfish when there’s more room] and besides Easter, Hallowe’en and Christmas, it stays relatively ignored and quite unloved – and I hadn’t replaced the doormats I’ve had there since we were married in 2008 until this week when Wayfair launched a little campaign to spruce up our doorways with a new doormat.  It came at the perfect time as I was feeling guilty and buying a big, pale pink Rhododendron to make it feel more summery out the front.  I still haven’t planted it but it’s on the cards this weekend.

So, after choosing a very suitable doormat from Wayfair’s doormat designs, I finally threw out what had essentially become a red carpet length trail of three large doormats which I’d laid down to kind of force the boys’ shoes into a foot-wiping of sorts whether they liked it or not as they had to trek about 2 metres over them to get to the threshold of the door, and relegated them [the mats, not the boys] to the back door.  I can’t bear to get rid of the one which says “Wipe your Paws” since I had it when the huskies were alive.

See that little dog?  He’s also been with me about 12 years since I bought him at a Dogs’ Trust event.  I didn’t think he’d last that long but the boys love him and talk to him as they pass – “Hello Mr. Dog”.  Haha.

wayfair doormat designs

Here’s the chosen doormat.  It’s one of those funny-because-its-true kind of things.  Gav shakes his head with the amount of cardboard boxes and padded envelopes that pass through our house every week.  It’s about to get worse too as I’ve been shopping in the Disney sale.  Our postman had better pay attention to this mat.

The mat is gorgeous and very neatly cut.  It looks fresh and gorgeous and of course I’m going to have to be brave when people stand on it.  I confess that I did make the boys jump over it the first day I laid it down in the porch.  Gav tried explaining that it’s made of coir and perfect for trapping dirt but I wasn’t having any of it.  I do love that it has a PVC back though so when I do eventually step on it, I won’t be slipping across the floor like Frank Spencer.

wayfair doormat

wayfair doormat

If you’re ready for a summer freshen up of your porch, Wayfair have SO many doormats to swoon over!  I chose the one in the photographs, “Please Hide All Parcels From My Husband” and it’s on offer at the moment!  My Royal Mail postmen, UPS, Fedex, DX, Yodel, Hermes and ParcelForce people think it’s hilarious anyway. Haha.  Sorry guys if I left any of you out!

Notice that the one piece that I didn’t replace in our porch was our Family sign.  Just in case my postman wants to give me a medal this August on our anniversary, you know?

Happy doormat hunting!

wayfair doormat


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