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Jungle Speed Game

This week for Blogger Board Game Club we’re playing the Jungle Speed Game.  On our last count, we have a *cough* more than average collection of board games.  When people come to our home, they look left and see the HUUUUGE IKEA Kallax shelves full of various games of all kinds. Gav and I started playing as a way to stop us just falling asleep on the sofa at night after dinner and actually have some interaction with each other – and now it *might* have turned into a slight obsession in that we scour Kickstarter daily to see what’s coming out and we may or may not have arranged to go to a fair few conventions in the coming year.  Yes, we are board game geeks.

The boys have seen just how much fun it is now and want to join in, but with Yotie being 6 and Hero 4, there are games where Jens is able to join in and understand the rules of games and the other two are left floundering.  So we look for younger games that are just as much fun for all of us to play, which make us want to play as a family.

Jungle Speed was sent to us to play recently – it’s a card game with a totem that comes in a little bag which is easily transportable and small.  We keep it in one of our bigger board game baskets for games that aren’t in boxes which we can stack easily.  I may or may not arrange our games very carefully. Haha.

Jungle Speed Game Jungle Speed Game Jungle Speed Game

Jungle Speed is SO much fun if you’re a slightly more mature adult – it tests your quick recall of what the signs and symbols mean, it tests your reflexes and it’s pretty hilarious if you swipe for it and miss, or swipe and get it and you shouldn’t have, which is so embarrassing.  We love it for us grown-ups, but for little people it’s meant quite a few tears sadly – which does make sense given the amount of time we’ve invested in teaching them not to snatch things!

It’s fun, it’s fast and a great picnic game.

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