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It’s half term!  We decided to celebrate with a Gazillion Bubbles party after Gav finished work at IBM.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, I’m pretty sure if someone hands you a bottle of bubble mixture, you’re at least tempted to have a go.  We had A LOT of bubble mixture, and some amazing gadgets to play with thanks to Gazillion Bubbles.

Gazillion Bubbles Review

We were sent the following Gazilion Bubble products to have fun with:

Giant Incredi-bubble wand – £9.99

Create giant bubbles with the Gazillion big bubbles Incredi-bubblewand! Dip the wand into the specially formulated giant bubble solution and wave to make massive incredible! This large wand comes with its own tray and 16 ounce bottle of giant Gazillion bubble solution specially formulated to create huge bubbles.

NEW Gazillion Crazy Wands – £3.99 a pack

For the selfie-mad, Gazillion Crazy Wands are great for parties and fun for the whole family! With 6 crazy styles (sold in packs of two), these photo-booth style wands are a must have for any occasion. For only £3.99 you receive two wands, a dipping tray and an 8oz bottle of Gazillion premium solution.

Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Bubble Machine – £14.99

Instantly create a bubble storm with the Gazillion bubbles Tornado! With no pump and no wait time, you’ll be creating a
Gazillion bubbles in a flash! This ultimate bubble machine blows a bubble storm in seconds!

2L Gazillion Bubbles Premium Solution – £6.99

Gazillion Bubbles Review

That as disgusting as the bubble solution tastes [it’s hard to stay out of the bubble-zone] Gazillion Bubbles solution is non-toxic and non-staining, so the bubble sets are great for indoor or outdoor use.  Just be careful if you have non-carpeted floors in case it gets slippy.

The BIG bubbles.  We had the most fun with those, they bounced through the air.

Just the pure chaos of running through so many bubbles!

Do you know how many photographs of Gav, just looking through a wand when the bubble has burst a millisecond before my shutter closed?  Hilarious amounts.  And he’d probably divorce me if I posted them, haha.

Gazillion Bubbles Review


gazillion bubbles

That there was some wind shield with the machine as the slightest breeze stopped our bubbles producing as well as they could.

Gazillion Bubbles Review

They’re lots of fun, and perfect for Summer! Take a look at them in action!  Stay until the end and you’ll see my “YouTuber” husband in action at about 1m 10s… *sigh*


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