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There’s a dinosaur sleeping in my bed.  He’s not small either.  Since Hero was lucky enough to be able to review the new Posh Paws Jurassic World Plushies, he’s been smitten by his new friends.  We took them out for a walk at IBM whilst we were waiting for Gav to come out, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how much he loves them, you can just see the pure joy on his face with this toy review…

Jurassic World Plushies

There are quite a few Jurassic World Plushies and we were sent a GIANT one, a middle-sized one and a teeny baby one – just like Goldilock’s bears if you ask Hero [who is big into his fairy tales at the moment]. His favourite is without a double the ginormous triceratops because he loves to ride his dinosaur around and threaten to eat his brothers.  Jensen points out that Triceratops are herbivores and Hero yells “NOT MY TRYCERIASAURIOUS!!!!” like it’s a huge insult and charges at him.

Jurassic World Plushies

Posh Paws say:  Posh Paws International is delighted to be the official soft toy partner for the 2018 summer’s blockbuster, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, released on June 6th 2018.  Fans can collect 8 inch, 10 inch and HUGE 21 inch variations of their favourite dinos, or even Accessorise backpacks with Posh Paws JW2 bag clips!

The dinos which we have are:

The Stygimoloch, Triceratops and little T-Rex bag clip, and you can buy them on Amazon here [not an affiliate link]

Jurassic World Plushies

Posh Paws – they make unbelieveably fantastic quality plushies that aren’t just there to look pretty, they’re ready for adventures and don’t fall apart after a few rolls down the hill!

That what distinguishes them from other dinosaur plushies on the market is their unique Jurassic World badge – on their bottoms!

They’re solid and sturdy, and easy to get grass clippings off after Jurassic adventures!

That the boys adore them.

Jurassic World Plushies

Jurassic World Plushies

There was an even bigger one!  haha.  Seriously, though, no.  This huge one is big enough.

Jurassic World Plushies

We love them.  Even if they are HUGE bed-hoggers.

Thank you Posh Paws for sending us the amazing Jurassic World Plushies to review. All words and opinions are our own.

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