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Of all the little piggies in the world, Hero is in love with George Pig.  Me, I’m a Freddy Fox fan – and Mr. Jones prefers Grampy Rabbit.
Peppa and friends have been a huge part of our lives since the boys were born.  Living ten minutes from Peppa’s World in Hampshire, it’s hard to escape – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Jensen and Lyoto have been and hugged George and Peppa, jumped in muddy puddles in their park and spun me sick on the Windy Castle ride.  Yet poor Hero is oblivious to the fact that we live on the doorstep to his own hero’s homebase at Paulton’s Park as being only 22 months old, we haven’t taken him yet.  The 2016 Summer holiday will be his début into Peppa Pig World, George’s spaceship zone and Mr. Potato’s Playground.

The boys spent all of their pocket money on the original Peppa Pig toys – buying them direct from the theme park and bringing them home on a Piggy-induced-high after zooming around on Daddy Pig’s cars and eventually, as they became tall enough, clinging tightly to Mr. Dinosaur as he tromped around Grandpa Pig’s vegetable patch.  A few years on though, and Granny Pig has lost a little arm, Daddy Pig is in our own pumpkin patch [guarding it from Peppa] and little Hero is left with a set of oh-so-loved toys.

Yesterday though, we received news we were going to be reviewing one of the new Holiday Time toys and there was much excitement amongst the Jones boys.  Their all time favourite episodes of Peppa are the Italian Holiday series.

So, we waited for the postman….and this arrived.  Oh boy.

We only let Grandpa’s boat go sailing as neither me or Mr. Jones fancied taking a dip with the koi in the pond today – and Grandpa, Peppa and George don’t fit that securely into their little positions on the boat.  Lyoto was the most worried that Grandpa’s boat would not come back to shore, but it did – twice.

We Love…
That the boat floats without capsizing – so many of our bath toys claim to be “boats” but they don’t stay upright.  Thankfully Grandpa’s boat made it over the koi pond twice.
The holiday colours – it’s brighter than the original boat and Grandpa Pig is wearing his vacation clothes – they’re perfect for Summer gifts.
We Wish…
That Grandpa and the crew’s little arms were made of less brittle plastic.  They’re the same as the earlier figures and we’ve lost quite a few little piggy limbs over the years.  Rubbery arms would be brilliant – and then we wouldn’t have the worry that they might also poke a little eye whilst playing.
That Grandad Dog’s boat was also available – that would be so much fun for the fans to play with both together.
That the characters stood more securely in the boat.  The round bases don’t quite fit and hold in place, due to the little round piggy bellies affecting their centre of gravity.

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